Matt Badilai is a Believer in Silver

Matt Badiali stands out among most financial advisors because he was originally a geologist. As a geologist, he learned that it was better to make an investment after observing it firsthand. Over the years he has gained recognition as a financial analyst who can choose outstanding natural resource companies to invest in. He recently has been advising individuals that now may be the perfect time to load up on silver. Silver and the other commodities have dropped in value drastically over the past months. The silver price was beaten down to $14.15 and is extremely close to breaching the low it made in 2015. Silver investors enjoyed a nice rally for the first half of 2016 before silver lost its luster. Matt Badiali compares the price action in silver to be very similar to the price action of the metal right before the Great Recession in 2008.

Matt Badiali claims it is the United States dollar that is wreaking havoc on the precious metals and other commodities. During geopolitical uncertainty, investors tend to flock to the dollar. Other countries around the world are going through major economic issues. These countries are witnessing their currency devalue, which is pushing them to buy U.S. dollars. If the dollar is strengthening there will be continued pressure on the commodities.

Matt Badiali also believes the cryptocurrencies have stolen some of the market share from the precious metals. He said there is a growing trend of people distrusting all fiat currencies. Many years ago, these people would have chosen to place their money in gold, silver, or other tangible assets. This is the reason for the recent cryptocurrency explosion. While many investors remain bearish on silver, Matt Badiali is taking an extremely bullish stance on the metal. He points to the fact that silver prices are historically cheap today, and silver continues to have strong fundamentals. There are new industrial uses being discovered for silver all the time. Countries who are trying to produce cleaner energy will need large quantities of silver for solar panels. Our modern way of life wouldn’t exist without silver.