ClassDojo and Ad Astra have developed a Learning Tool that will Equip Students with Critical Thinking Skills

ClassDojo, in partnership with Los Angeles private school called Ad Astra, has come up with a new student learning tool. ClassDojo is an educational software developer looking to connect teachers, students and parents as a way to encourage learning, character building and skill development among others. The developer and Ad Astra have endeavored to develop “Conundrums”, a set of critical thing puzzles, and release it soon for students and teachers’ use.

The Conundrums pose critical thinking puzzles to the students. The open-minded critical thinking problems are then discussed by the students among themselves in an effort to find a solution. They are also exposed to ethical problems. The conundrums contains more nuanced and complicated questions compared to other elementary school or middle school curricula address.

In an effort to give a better understanding on how the Conundrums works, ClassDojo provided some few examples. Conundrum questions exercises are coupled with cartoons to paint a comprehensive picture scenario to students and give a real touch to issues. One of the exercises the conundrum poses looks to address issues of property rights. For instance, a student could be asked, Denis and his friends have discovered a massive dinosaur on someone else’s land! Who does it belong to?

During the session, the students are encouraged to be open-minded, respect the opinion of others and discusses the issue at hand with others. Additionally, ClassDojo has incorporated a platform in the tool that gives teachers tips to help students to solve the puzzle. The conundrum can also be designed in a way that each group seem to have a valid claim to the dinosaur skeleton. For instance, it can be twisted a little bit to become, Denis and his friends discover a massive Dinosaur skeleton. However, half of it is in Yosemite National Park while the other half is on Farmer Spike’s land. Who should the dinosaur belong to? The three parties seem to have a valid claim to the dinosaur skeleton. That will spark a new way of thinking in students.

Essentially, the tool equips students with critical thinking skills, ethics and social skills. The classroom tool is one of the many classroom solutions that ClassDojo has developed.

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Boraie Development Launches the Aspire Tower in New Brunswick A Midst Other Collaborations

Boraie Development LLC is a company that deals in property management, real estate development, sales and marketing. The company partners with well-known and established financial establishments, architects, and contractors in their goal of providing their clients with top-notch services. Boraie works under the principles of time consciousness and excellence. Over the years, the company has overseen some prestigious projects the most recent being The Aspire.

Boraie Development’s The Aspire

The Aspire is a luxury rental tower that is located in a few steps from the New Brunswick train station. The tower consists of around 238 one bedroom, two bedroom, and studio apartments. The apartments are designed in a modern way complete with designer surfaces, hedonistic kitchens with kitchen islands, huge closets, luxurious bathrooms with glass shower stalls in the master bedrooms and hardwood floors surface in the living rooms. The tower is complete with a lobby, private parking with direct access to the building as well as a couple of roof decks and round the clock doorman services.

The seventeen-story building is complete with balconies and terraces that offer views of the Raritan River, the Johnson Park and the city which is filled tremendously with trees. The Aspire also offers a fitness center and residential club among other luxurious complimentary facilities.

Partnership with Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O’Neal is a former star of the National Basketball Association. The star grew up in Newark in 1970 when the community was not such a safe place. To keep him out away from the street trouble, his parents would take him either to the closest movie theatre of the Boys and Girls Club where he would spend most of his time. To give back to his hometown, Shaquille partnered with Boraie Development to build an apartment tower.

According to NJBiz, the intended tower is to have 350 apartments on 35 stories. This project was launched just after the completion of a previous Shaquille and Boraie collaborated project that saw to the development of a 168-unit apartment tower in Rector Street called the Shaq Towers. The former star intends to change the status of his hometown by investing in its development.

Boraie had previously purchased land in the Newark environs before collaborating with the former basketballer. This collaboration promises to continue as the star is set on launching bigger and better projects with Boraie Development which never fails to deliver.


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Ted Bauman Experience in the Investment Industry

Ted Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. He is both an editor and writer of this highly prominent publications. Ted is a complex iconic man in the investment industry. His resume is both enviable and colorful. Currently, he is a specialist in asset protection and low-risk investment strategies. Ted never regrets the years that he worked at McDonald’s, gas station, and Burger King during his young age. In his statement, he noted that those jobs taught him great investment lessons regarding what it entails to be in a working environment. What it is to hustle and cater for your own needs physically. He also earned experience in what it is like to be under strict supervision of your bosses and supervisors. The baseline is that these jobs experience showed him that it’s mandatory for one to pay attention to the people’s welfare at the top and at the bottom importance of appreciating if you are interested in having a long-term development of a society.

Ted Bauman was born in the United States of America, Washington DC. He was brought up in the East Coast shore but later moved to South Africa to pursue his education. He attained a postgraduate degree in history and economics from the University of Cape Town. He had great time with Habitat for Humanity that enabled him to travel all across Latin America and Caribbean. Ted Bauman is also a founder of Slum Dwellers International. This organization has grown, and it currently serves fourteen million people across 35 countries.

Despite his vast experience and exposure that has enabled him to gain incredible skills, Ted Bauman regrets his failure in making great use of his time in the early stages of his career. Ted pointed out that he would have been a bit more productive if he would have known what he currently knows about the importance of spending much of the days’ time in work on the most critical issues. Ted has been featured in some of the most prominent journals in the world. He has been involved in various extensive research studies. He has also published many articles for the South African Government, the United Nations, as well as numerous non-governmental organizations in Europe.


End Citizens United Works to Reform Political Financing

In every generation, there are supreme court cases that have wide sweeping effects across the country. In 2010, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission came to a stunning conclusion when the court ruled in favor of Citizens United. Political donors could remain anonymous when funding a campaign ad. This outcome has huge effects on the future of politics across the country. There are two online articles that expand on the court case, its effects, and the role of End Citizens United.

Starting with an article on the website Xrepublic, the court sprang up out of a dispute during the 2008 presidential election. Citizens United wanted to run a Hilary Clinton movie, but the FCC blocked its release saying they needed to disclose donors as it was essentially a campaign ad. The court ruled in favor of Citizens United, citing free speech as the primary argument. Now donors don’t have to be attached with the advertisements, and thus can freely invest more money. For the everyday voters, this will likely mean being bombarded with ads more frequently. This lead to the creation of the organization End Citizens United. Find out more about End Citizens United at

In order to counter aggressive campaign spending, End Citizens United proactively calls out politicians on breaking laws. An article on the website The News Version discuses how this affects Florida Governor Rick Scott. His finance violations date back to 1997 for Medicare Frud during the days as CEO of Columbia/HCA. Rick Scott took the 5th amendment and passed the charges to those under him. End Citizens United seeks honest and fair campaign spending and transparency in actions.

The political landscape is extremely fluid and always shifting. It comes as no surprise that individuals with money will use those resources to gain power. End Citizens United is there to overturn the supreme court ruling that would favor these practices. They believe politicians deserve an equal playing field, with honestly in who supports them.

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Alex Pall & Andrew Taggart: Chainsmoking

The Chainsmokers have been energizing the EDM World since their development in the year 2012. They have reliably discharge raving successes and they’re following and in addition record deals and visits demonstrate their hard working attitude and blessing. Amid the late spring of 2016 they sat down with talk with magazine to examine their ongoing accomplishment and in addition feasible arrangements.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart met in the year 2012. With Alex leaving school and his minor vocation in New York City and Andrew leaving Syracuse University and his Interscope records entry level intern position, they promptly started to work. As lifetime fanatics of music they were headed for progress in light of the fact that their establishment was enthusiasm. Andrew had plans to move west drift in the wake of learning at Syracuse University to seek after a performance DJ profession yet was acquainted with Alex Through his administrator. Pall expresses that comprehending what every one of them conveyed to the table helped them colossally in the beginning times.

The acquainted themselves with what was happening around them musically and what was fruitful and also what wasn’t. Their objective was to shape their character around that. Making their way of life as specialists was urgent to be a win. Andrew expresses that they didn’t treat it like an occupation and they needed to take in a lot. The reality that individuals identify with their music on profound levels pushes them to remain large and in charge. Andrew specified that its they consistent voyage of self disclosure. They need to continually scrutinize the things they anticipate doing particularly on the off chance that it is another bend to their center style. They intend to push the envelope by continually attempting new things since they want to stay fascinating and connecting with to their developing populace of worldwide fans. They express the essentialness of giving a melody a chance to run its course before discharging another tune. This is an imperative part when you are creating as a craftsman. Their melodic style and classification is that of a gumbo. Like Alex Pall’s Hollywood home. The house, worked in the 1930’s, is a mix of many engaging styles. The Chainsmoker’s music takes after this sort of kind concoction. Alex specified that it’s extreme once in a while making such great music and waiting to put it out yet it is a piece of the procedure. As the gathering has advanced hugely they have progressed into being without anyone else preparations vocally and this isn’t normal in the EDM world. It’s there for site and uniqueness that separates them from whatever is left of the music business. Andrew and Alex trust they will keep on succeeding as long as their enthusiasm and industriousness stays unfaltering.

Sahm Adrangi Sheds Light On Ad Fraud

Sahm Adrangi, of Kerrisdale Capital, delivered a presentation on ad fraud at the Kase Learning conference in May of 2018. Kerrisdale Capital was launched nine years ago and manages approximately $180 million. The business was built around short activism and started publishing research on shorts in 2010 around the era of Chinese fraud when short sellers eliminated up to $20 billion of fraudulently invested capital. Kerrisdale Capital now focuses mainly on complex sectors in the United States.

During his presentation, Sahm Adrangi discussed a short activism campaign on St. Joe, a land developer located in the Florida Panhandle that is estimated to be worth half of the market valuation that was published on QuinStreet. Sahm Adrangi explained that he likes ad fraud because it allows investors to combine social good with short activism. He also discussed opportunities that exist in the ad fraud arena.

According to Wikipedia, ad fraud is when online clicks, advertisement impressions, data events or conversions are represented fraudulently in an effort to produce revenue. Essentially, display ads are placed on fake websites where bots from computers are viewing the ads instead of humans viewing the ads. This results in advertisers being less willing to spend money to advertise online, which negatively impacts the online advertising landscape. This issue also reduces the revenue of legitimate publishers.

Sahm Adrangi explained that ad companies benefit from this kind of fraud, which is possibly the reason why they are hesitant to adopt new detection schemes that can prevent fraud. Sahm Adrangi also explained how the same type of fraud occurs with video ads. This happens when videos are playing in the background of videos being watched, yet the unseen video gets charged to the buyer of online advertising.

Adrangi shared other examples of this pervasive issue during his presentation. The findings of research conducted by Kerrisdale Capital is found on their website and subscriptions are available to those interested in reviewing their research.

The counseling from Michael Hagele

In the past, the work of Michael was dealing with the in-house attorney. He still offered his services to the venture capital companies in helping them deal with the legal cases by providing them with general legal counseling. He is a holder of a law degree that he got from the University of California. Michael Hagele had the close relationship with companies, and with he got the idea to help the clients better a private company was the best one. With that then, the client will receive the needed attention and offer services to them that are off the best quality. Find out more about Michael Hagele at The State Bar of California

Different technology firms will depend on Michael Hagele to get the services that they need. Some of the facilities that he will offer include providing the internet and defense. Also, he has been a massive help to technology firm because if they are in the early stage, he will invest in them to oversee their growth. Through his career path, it has been helpful in getting the skills that he possesses. In being the best when it comes to drafting, negotiation, and telecommunication. Michael Hagele has been good in offering his services in the sectors of corporate transactions, property rights issues and agreements between commercials.

The one thing that has helped Michael in his career is that he never creates any room for giving up. If someone has an idea, then to achieve it what will be needed is tenacity and that is what has helped Michael in getting all his goals. The employees of Hagele have the skills required when it comes to the use of new information to their advantage and interactions, and with that, it has been of assistance in getting the necessary outcomes. To connect with the customers in a way that is personal Michael will make good use of the internet because that’s one platform that someone can reach people all over the world.

Though even if they make good use of the internet, there are so careful in ensuring that they will not overdo the whole thing. It’s easy now to get the word out about the services offered and products of the company. The needs of the customers should come first that is what Michael Hagele believes, and that’s the advice he has given upcoming entrepreneurs. Hagele will listen to the customers and the plan that they have in achieving their goals then from there, he will offer a more realistic idea if it’s not.



Disputing NPR’s coverage of Rocketship education.

NPR’s recent coverage of Rocketship charter schools has garnered a lot of controversy on social media and while many have praised the article for exposing the internal workings of the schools, some quarters have criticized the article as lacking in balance and context.

Founded in 2006, Rocketship is a 13- school chain of free,public college prep, K-5 charter schools based in San Jose, California. The non-profit schools have been described as one of the most nationally applauded charter networks with as many as 90% of its students qualifying for free lunch and about 75% speaking English as a second language.

The recent NPR piece focused heavily on the problematic practices within the schools and this has been condemned by Rocketship’s supporters who criticized the article for a lack of context and in-depth comparison to similar schools.

They also criticized the piece for providing no explanations regarding many of the questions it raised about retesting, bathroom breaks, staff turnover and parent’s satisfaction with the schools. The article did not mention if these were similar practices in other schools or if more parents were withdrawing their kids from Rocketship Education compared to other schools.

Another aspect of the article that was criticized was the description of Rocketship as a ‘company’. This choice of words is considered insensitive and inaccurate since the term ‘company’ has traditionally referred to private or for profit organizations.

The Rocketship network is not commercial but non profit and while the writer had defended her choice of words as a means to avoid repetition, many of the supporters of the charter school felt that a better word to describe Rocketship would have been ‘organization’ or ‘non- profit.’

With many of the unaddressed questions raised by the story,it is unclear if the motive of the article is to ‘takedown’ or to generate controversy. The one thing that’s certain is that Rocket ship shows no sign of slowing down

Shervin Pishevar Sees Future in Space-X and Virgin Hyperloop Despite the Poor State of Infrastructure

Shervin Pishevar is a renowned investor in the United States and the world at large. The venture capitalist, who has noteworthy interests in Uber and other large corporations around the world.

In one of his several tweets, Shervin Pishevar talks about the current state of infrastructure in the country. According to him, the state of infrastructure in the United States has been damaged, and the government is doing nothing to reverse the trend. This demonstrates how the government has been ignorant about the overall state of the country. If the current administration does not address the current state, the United States will continue to fall behind other nations which have focused on infrastructure to provide a base for the growth of their country.

Not only is the current state of infrastructure in tatters but the government parastatals and the government as well have been trapped into a cycle of short-term thinking. Shervin Pishevar has an idea that the government parastatals have all been structured in such a way that they are only focused on providing short-term solutions to some critical issues facing the country. For example, you will find the government paying much attention to factors such as immigration, short-term debts, and fixed foreign policies that only focus on providing a solution that does not give reliable answers to the country’s problems.

However, despite the doom facing the country at large, Shervin Pishevar is of the view that there are a few exceptions of which the Americans should be proud. One of the main things that will be changing soon is the expansion of Virgin Hyperloop and Space-X. These are new technologies that are likely to take the country with a storm. However, this should be considered with a skeptical eye given that Shervin Pishevar has significant interests in Virgin Hyperloop.

Randal Nardone – The Global Investor

Randal Nardone has attended Boston University School of Law and received a J.D. degree. Randal Nardone has attended the University of Connecticut and received a bachelor’s in arts in English and Biology degree. In 1998, Randal Nardone became the Co-Founder of Fortress Investment Group LLC, and then in 2013 he became the Chief Executive Officer.

Fortress Investment Group LLC is a diversified global investment manager with $41.4 billion in assets. Fortress Investment Group LLC manages assets of over 1,750 clients and investors worldwide. Fortress Investment Group LLC deals with credit and real estate, and permanent capital investment strategies as well as private equity.

Randal Nardone currently serves on the board of Fortress Investment Group LLC. Randal Nardone is also on the board of directors at Seacastle Inc, Springleaf REIT Inc, Florida East Coast Holdings Corp, Florida East Coast Railway Corp, and Eurocastle Investment Ltd. Prior to working with Fortress Investment Group LLC, Randal was the managing director at UBS, principal at BlackRock Financial Management, and partner as well as on the executive committee at Thacher Proffitt and Wood.

Randal has contributed greatly to the growth and development of Fortress Investment Group LLC. Because of Randal’s contribution into his company, the company offers a high quality of services to their clients. Randal has always demonstrated high skills and expertise in finance.

Fortress Investment Group LLC is considered the most notable investment managers on the NYSE. More companies are choosing the services that Fortress provides because of the portfolio Randal has set up for the company. Randal’s contributions to Fortress Investment Group LLC will benefit the company for the future.

Since the growth of Fortress Investment Group LLC, Randal has appeared on the Forbes Billionaire list and has a net worth of $1.8 billion and is currently the 557th ranked billionaire. Under Randal’s guidance, his company Fortress Investment Group LLC has received the ‘Hedge Fund Manager of the Year’ award. The company has also received the ‘Management Firm of the Year’ award. Fortress Investment Group LLC has been praised by Institutional Investor as ‘Credit-Focused Fund of the Year’ from 2010 and 2011.