Rick Libby And Traveling Vineyard Offer A Unique Approach To Wine

Rick Libby is the President of Traveling Vineyard and with his business knowledge and accomplished career, he’s helping turn the company into an innovative way for customers to experience award winning wine. They have an interesting business model which is focused on in-home wine tastings. Their wines are of a very high quality and they’ve received awards and recognition. They also offer an opportunity for individuals to build their own business along with Traveling Vineyard.

With three decades of business leadership under his belt, Rick Libby is poised to take Traveling Vineyard to greater heights of success. Some of his previous stops included Student Advantage, Marriott, MoveCentral and Cendant Corporation. He utilizes the skills learned from these endeavors to guide Traveling Vineyard.

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Libby has been associated with Traveling Vineyard since the early 2000’s and has owned the company since 2010. He realized in-home demonstrations could be used with wine after speaking with a friend. The concept has taken off and it is a low-key way for those interested in wine to learn about it.

Innovation is the order of the day at Traveling Vineyard as people are encouraged to think creatively and bring new ideas to the floor. Every year, the company introduces new technology or concepts after evaluating their systems. Libby fully understands the value of taking a calculated risk and devotes ample time to strategic thinking.

The Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides are the foundation of their business strategy and they obviate the need for expensive advertising. Wine Guides earn generous commissions with their sales and when they recruit new marketers. They host in-home wine tastings to introduce customers to Traveling Vineyard’s award winning wines. Word of mouth can quickly lead to more tastings and opportunities. Wine Guides are free to work as much or as little as they desire.

Traveling Vineyard ships all orders so Guides don’t have to maintain an inventory. They purchase a starter kit with all the necessary supplies to begin their business. Extensive training and mentoring are available and Guides can progress at their own pace. The business model offers great flexibility and the opportunity to earn a substantial amount.

The Many Benefits Of Becoming A Traveling Vineyard Member Today

How many of you know about the Traveling Vineyard? It is a company that specializes in a specific kind of wine and showcases the stock to clients who are interested. Have you ever thought about becoming part of the team?

You can. There are so many benefits attached to becoming a member of the Traveling Vineyard family. Here are the top 5 reasons to join.

1) When you become a wine guide you can set your own schedule. This appeals to so many people. You make the choice of how many parties you want to do and when you do them. This is perfect for stay-at-home parents. You do not have to set your family time around work. When you become a guide it is the opposite. Do you want to be full-time? You can be. No one approves your vacation time but you.

2) It is a chance to bring in some extra money. Some are looking for a job a little more easy-paced. This job is perfect for you, no matter what your work situation is.

3) You spend your time talking about and tasting wine. It does not get any better than that. This job is great for those who love wine.

4) This job will give you fulfillment. Their employees come from all walks of life. Some are looking for a new challenge. Others are looking for some “me” time. Which one are you?

5) You are independent and part of a team. This is a great way to build some new and lasting friendships. They are just as invested in your success as you are. You can do meet ups outside of work. You do meet ups during work.

At the Traveling Vineyard you can make it happen your way!

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