Securus Technologies adapts tools of war for battles closer to home

Throughout the world, prison systems deal with the menace posed by criminal gangs. Gangs that exist on the street often endure within prison walls. In many cases, gang members are sworn to lifetime allegiance by the gangs with whom they are affiliated. Many of these gang bangers live by strict codes of honor and loyalty, which dictate that they always put the interests of the gang above their own. All of this means that gang activity is endemic throughout the world’s prisons.


But one of the things that is so strikingly unique about the prison gangs of the United States is their level of professionalization and military-like discipline. While gangs in other countries often closely resemble their counterparts on the streets, prison gangs in the United States often look more like sophisticated Mafia operations of the kind seen in movies like “The Godfather”. On top of this, prison gangs often require their members to participate in daily training exercises, meaning foot soldiers in some prison gangs are in better shape and more well-prepared for combat than many soldiers in the U.S. Armed Forces.


All of this means that prison gangs like the Mexican Mafia, Aryan Brotherhood and Black Guerilla Family can pose serious and even existential threats to the institutions where they are housed. These gangs are often led by highly intelligent, competent leadership. And unlike their street-side counterparts, prison gangs are often focused solely on making money. This singular focus means they often engage less in mindless violence. But when violence is used, it is often decisive and brutal.


Add to this dynamic the introduction of easily concealed cellphones around the year 2000, and you quickly end up with a recipe for chaos. Prison gangs quickly began making optimal use of the cheap and compact cellphones that started coming on the market in the early 2000s. They used the phones to communicate with soldiers on the outside of prison. Suddenly, there was a huge uptick in crimes like high-level drug deals, hits on rival gang members and witness intimidation. This last crime proved to be a particularly nasty problem because it not only victimized witnesses to crimes, undermining the entire legal process, but it also began allowing some of the worst criminals in the country to go free, such as high-level drug traffickers and serial murderers.


Then, in 2015, Securus Technologies, one of the most innovative companies in the prison security industry, unveiled its Wireless Containment System. The device is able to completely block 100 percent of illegal phone calls originating from within prison grounds. The WCS has been proven to be almost completely effective at removing the threat of contraband phones from the institutions where it is deployed.


Securus Technologies: Focused on People and the Technology that Enhances Their Lives

Securus Technologies is a Texas company that’s been getting a lot of attention lately. The company has been in business for over 30 years and has revolutionized the way business is done in corrections. Through management of the facilities via monitoring services, management software, and many other value-added services; internal customers often praise the company for its efforts. External customers are happy too. The company has been successful in lowering the cost of communications for inmates and their loved ones. Through thoughtful innovation, Securus has brought forth many new products like video visitation, to reduce the burden of travel costs on its customers. These improvements include the acquisition of new companies over the years.


GovPayNet is the newest company to join the Securus Technologies family. The payment processor, that acts on behalf of governmental agencies, is excited about the new venture. They’re even more excited to join JPay, another financial services provider in corrections. JPay is known best for its money wiring and prepaid funding services. The companies are all going to be fine-tuning new technology, which is anticipated to be ending its testing phase, soon. Known as wireless containment systems, the technology is critical for safety in all facilities. It works to block the signal of communications attempted by contraband phones. This hot-button issue has gained much publicity, as numerous crimes, and even a murder, have been linked to illegal communications.


Working hard to protect inmates and the staff that serves them, Securus remains customer focused. The company has gained more attention with its recent grade of “A+” awarded by the Better Business Bureau. Full accreditation also has been given to the company, further exemplifying its good deeds. Scoring high in customer satisfaction, the company has been able to please over 95 percent of its customers. Securus is a company to watch out for in the field of people and technology.

Securus Technologies releases customer comments and extends open invitation to the public

Based out of Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies provides monitoring technologies used by government agencies. It serves well over three thousand government agencies, such as jails and police stations. Many prisons and jails also use Securus as their phone service provider. Not only does the phone service allow the inmate to talk to their loved one, it also helps monitor calls for criminal activities. This helps keep numerous people safer inside and outside of the facilities.


Securus provides several other solutions for emergency response, incident management, and public information. Technologies created by Securus are valuable assets in public safety. But, they are not just protecting world outside the prisons. Their technologies also help prevent inmate-on-inmate violence


Securus has opened its doors to the public by inviting them to check out their Technology Center in Dallas. Visitors will be able to see a presentation on the technology and services that help prevent crime.


In a recent press release, Securus Technologies published numerous customer comments that discussed the utilization of their technologies. These comments include both e-mails and mailed letters that they have received from faculty at the prisons, jails, police stations and other government offices that use the services.


These communications came from officials who use the technologies daily to help protect and serve their communities. The comments discuss incidences where the technology helped aid in keeping the public safe. The detailed accounts each provide a unique look at the value of the services and technologies that Securus provides.


But, Securus is not stopping here. Securus CEO Richard A. Smith, recently stated, “Once a week on average, we develop a new product or service that helps law enforcement and corrections officials to solve and prevent crimes,”. So be expecting more great innovations to come from Securus in the near future.


Securus Receives Accreditation from Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies is one of the few companies in the world that assimilate better business reviews by working towards solving the problems their clients face in the inmate industry. Because of their highest levels of commitment in the inmate industry, the company has made itself a good name as one of the best technology companies in and out of the United States. Few companies continue to uphold better business reviews in a manner that depicts their better business values in the inmate industry. Perhaps this is the reason why we must achieve the best in the industry to accredit ourselves with better values in the inmate industry.


Securus Technologies is a company that is committed to the highest level of excellence and integrity for being part of the solution to those facing their accreditation solutions. When you agree to solve the problems you face, Securus Technologies will always do the remaining part of actualizing the technology needs for your inmate facility. Securus Technologies is one of the companies with the highest levels of justice technology solutions for a brighter future in the inmate industry. The company is also committed to developing a platform that solves the problems the company faces in the industry through technology.


Securus Technologies has also announced that they have received accreditation from the Dallas-based Better Business Bureau for solving the problems the clients face in the industry. Perhaps this is the reason why they are solving their intended business capabilities for a brighter future in the inmate industry. For those who are willing to assimilate better business, using the Securus Technologies’s technology solutions will guarantee you the best results in the industry. The company received this accreditation because they satisfied the set exam by the Better Business Bureau to qualify for the highest level of accreditation in the inmate industry.


Securus Technologies – Offering Advanced Technologies Never Thought of Possible Earlier On

Many companies are trying to make their mark in the correctional sphere, but one of the companies that have been leading this sector single-handedly through its innovation and a broad range of products and services is Securus Technologies. The company has helped develop some of the ground breaking products and services that weren’t available earlier in the correctional world. Securus Technologies has assisted in the development of the penitentiary sector tremendously in the last few years by offering products and services that have changed the lives of the incarcerated people and their lives. Services like video visitation were a dream a few years back, but today it is a reality thanks to the innovation offered by Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies has helped in ways more than one to ensure that the families of the incarcerated people can meet with their loved ones with ease through the use of technology. With the help of video visitation, the online or virtual meeting is very much possible as the interaction is live and audio-visual. Video chat through the video visitation application is facilitated through the smart application offered by Securus for Android and Apple devices. All that the people have to do is to register and make an account in it, provide relevant details, and charge with the sufficient credit balance.


Securus Technologies has made sure that people who are working for the law enforcement agencies and putting their lives at risk for the safety of the common people are also benefitted from the advanced technology. Securus Technologies helps in ways more than one to ensure that the law enforcement officers are equipped with the latest investigative technologies. It helps them stay informed and stay alerted about the criminal activities happening in the community. Securus Technologies makes it easier for the law enforcement agencies to build safer communities.


Securus Continues Growth in Industry

The telecommunication and security industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. This is particularly true for the sector that provides services to the law enforcement and correctional facility industry. One of the leading service providers in this part of the industry today is Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based firm that has been in operations for over 10 years. The company currently provides services to over 1,000 facilities across the country, which ultimately house over 1 million inmates. This has helped to make Securus Technologies one of the two largest firms in the country.


One of the top products that Securus Technologies provides today is a video visitation service. The video visitation platform uses video chat technology that can be accessed by an inmate through a designated device or portal in the facility. The recipient of the call can then use a mobile device of their choice. By allowing for a video chat service, it has helped to reduce the need for visitation and the facility. This has then helped to make the property safer and more efficient.


While the service provided by Securus has helped to make the property safer and more efficient, it has also helped to solve and prevent crimes. Along with the service, the company provides customer with the option of monitoring the calls. All calls are required to be recorded, unless they are with the attorney of the inmate. Securus Technologies then provides a service in which they can monitor the calls. If there is any suspicious information that is noted during the call, the company will send the information on to the facility or the local authorities. On several occasions, this has provided valuable evidence to either help solve and existing crime or prevent one from occurring in the future.


How Securus Technologies is Keeping Streets Safer for Everyone

I used to work for our local jail, until I was transferred to the fugitives department this past year. Now my job is trying to locate fugitives before they can get into any more trouble at the expense of innocent people. This is a very rewarding job when you finally come face to face with a suspect who has been trying to hide right under your nose.


Part of the reason it can be so difficult to find these suspects is because they often have a close network of friends and family supplying them shelter, food, money, and even drugs. If this fugitive is a gang member, it gets even more challenging to catch them because their network of soldiers will do whatever it takes to keep us from getting close enough. In these cases, finding someone who will talk is near impossible.


One of the resources that I had while working in the jail was the inmate communication system. Often times, I could listen to these inmates talking on the phone about crimes they committed or were going to commit, they really were not concerned about me listening. When Securus Technologies updated that phone system, things finally changed for the better for law enforcement.


No longer could these criminals talk in code on the phone or use techniques to throw us off the trial. The software was able to identify times these inmates were discussing information related to our suspects. In the case of catching a very high-level gang member, these soldiers would rather die that talk to police. So when they feel they are talking on the phone in code, we finally catch a break they can not get around.


The new system alerted us a fugitive was not only on the move, he was going to be talking a large amount of drugs and cash with him over the border. We were able to nab him at 5am the day he was going to be leaving.