End Citizens United Works to Reform Political Financing

In every generation, there are supreme court cases that have wide sweeping effects across the country. In 2010, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission came to a stunning conclusion when the court ruled in favor of Citizens United. Political donors could remain anonymous when funding a campaign ad. This outcome has huge effects on the future of politics across the country. There are two online articles that expand on the court case, its effects, and the role of End Citizens United.

Starting with an article on the website Xrepublic, the court sprang up out of a dispute during the 2008 presidential election. Citizens United wanted to run a Hilary Clinton movie, but the FCC blocked its release saying they needed to disclose donors as it was essentially a campaign ad. The court ruled in favor of Citizens United, citing free speech as the primary argument. Now donors don’t have to be attached with the advertisements, and thus can freely invest more money. For the everyday voters, this will likely mean being bombarded with ads more frequently. This lead to the creation of the organization End Citizens United. Find out more about End Citizens United at indeed.com

In order to counter aggressive campaign spending, End Citizens United proactively calls out politicians on breaking laws. An article on the website The News Version discuses how this affects Florida Governor Rick Scott. His finance violations date back to 1997 for Medicare Frud during the days as CEO of Columbia/HCA. Rick Scott took the 5th amendment and passed the charges to those under him. End Citizens United seeks honest and fair campaign spending and transparency in actions.

The political landscape is extremely fluid and always shifting. It comes as no surprise that individuals with money will use those resources to gain power. End Citizens United is there to overturn the supreme court ruling that would favor these practices. They believe politicians deserve an equal playing field, with honestly in who supports them.

Find out more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/End_Citizens_United