Lime Crime/Unicorn Born

Lime Crime cosmetics was created by Founder and CEO Doe Deere. Who is Doe Deere? What’s so special about Lime Crime? Where did Lime Crime Start? How did it start? What made it the successful brand it is today?

Doe Deere was born in Russia. She grew up in New York City and studied fashion in college. She eventually left conventional training to become her own boss. She created and sold her own clothing line on the internet. This was a radical move in 2004. It was met with mild success. Flash forward to 2008. Lime Crime is born. It was a hit!

Lime Crime became one of the first successful cosmetic lines to launch online. Doe Deere’s love of fairy-tales and cosmetics inspired her ideas. She turned her true passions into a tangible product. Performing online tutorials and engaging her followers helped to increase her business. This resulted in huge growth in 2009. Doe became one of the first female entrepreneurs of the digital age. She now happily resides in California.

Lime Crime sells cruelty-free, Vegan, and colorful cosmetics! The brand’s mascot is a unicorn. They represent individuality, beauty, and compassion for life. Naturally, Doe Deere is known as the ” Unicorn Queen ” of colors. Appropriately, one of her newest creations is called Unicorn Hair. All of Lime Crime’s cosmetics are made in America.
They partner with the best laboratories to bring colorful ideas to life. The end result is a brilliant and kind company that benefits everyone!

Speaking of color…Alchemy is Lime Crime’s newest cosmetics collection. It’s full of magical colors and themes that awaken the imagination. Doe Deere believes in embracing your weird side. She believes we’re happier when we have freedom to be ourselves. What’s more liberating than expressing yourself? This palette includes fiery coppers, deep purples, and vivid greens.

She also believes in giving back. Lime Crime donates to an enormous list of charities. They support HOLA for kids in LA, Sanctuary for families, Bideawee Animal Shelter, Adopt NY, the Red Cross and Girls Inc. Doe calls this one of the most rewarding moments of her career. She realized giving to her favorite institutions would make a real difference in the world. What’s more rewarding than that?

The future is bright for Lime Crime. Doe Deere says she wants to focus on creating more mythical collections. One is more fantastical than the last. She said, “You always have to offer people something that no one else has to be really successful.” She relies on the motto that beauty should make you feel happy. ” The colors in your makeup collection should bring out the best possible version of yourself,” she exclaimed.

Lime Crime is a distinguishable brand that was built from the bottom up. The drive and great ideas of Doe Deere brought it to fruition. The unique colors and compassion of this brand are what makes it successful.

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Meet the Fearless Business Woman: Doe Deere

It is vital that we feel confident and beautiful in our skin. However, people have defined beauty and makeup in a way that limits most people. Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crème Cosmetics has redefined the meaning of makeup. According to Doe Deere makeup means much more than the art of hiding imperfections, it is a form of expression. She emphasizes by saying that the right form of makeup is not what is defined as right or best by the society; it is what one feels at that particular moment.

Doe Deere is known for her confidence in overcoming criticism in her life. She empowers women in different ways including employment. In 2008, she began her beauty product line of Lime Crème Products. Doe Deere began from scratch, with her own believes and has achieved success. She encourages women on finding their voice in the society. She welcomes other aspiring women to contact her for support.

Being the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Doe Deere does not have a typical day. She says that she has to be everywhere in the firm ensuring everything is in order. Someday she is working with the Chief Creative Officer, other days she focuses on social media and marketing, while other days she is focused on her new products. She, however, affirms that she enjoys every moment in Lime Crime HQ.

There are pretty of investors who have workable ideas but never evaluate them. Bringing ideas to life is among the most critical parts of entrepreneurship. For Doe Deere, she handles her ideas like small children. She says that for ideas to bore fruits you have to help them grow. Fortunately, her team is very supportive and helps in bringing her ideas to fruition. The employees test the products before releasing them to the public, Doe Deere included. She says that wearing them prior putting them on shelves is the only sure way to ensure their worth the customers.

One of the factors that make Doe Deere productive is the ability to have a positive disposition. This helps while engaging with everyone in her line of business. The character has rendered her partnerships. Doe Deere also has a pure vision of what she wants, which helps her to focus on her goal. Knowing who her customers also make her efficient in her job.

The only advice that Doe Deere would give her young self is to embrace weirdness. She says that the best moments in life are those that are spent believing in yourself.

Doe Deere has a piece of advice to fellow business persons. She advises them to work on their listening abilities. According to Doe Deere, there is always something to find out if you are ready to listen. For her, she listens to everyone, her clients, employees and even the people who don’t like her. Through this, she has grown by learning from others every day. She also recommends a book by Lindy Woodhead: War Paint to her readers. Learn more: