A Timeline Of OSI Group’s Top Acquisitions Under David McDonald’s Leadership

David McDonald OSI Group is one of the executives that has steered OSI Group from a medium sized national company to a large multinational company in the world’s food industry.

Under the tenure of David McDonald as COO of the company, OSI Group made several acquisitions and mergers that have played an enormous role in the group’s success.

This post has examined some of the most significant mergers and acquisitions that are worth the acknowledgment.

OSI International Foods merged with Turi Foods
In March 2018, OSI International Foods, OSI Group’s Australian subdivision joined with Turi Foods to form Turosi Pty Ltd. The family-owned Turi Foods was the leading supplier of processed poultry products in Australia.

It served significant supermarkets, food outlets, butcher shops, and specialty chicken outlets. OSI Group’s management said that the collaboration could help them serve more customers in Australia, as well as improve their loyalty in the Aussie market.

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In 2017, OSI acquired Hynek Schlachthof GmbH
David McDonald OSI Group European subsidiary purchased Hynek Schlachthof GmbH, a German-based abattoir. The acquisition assisted OSI Group to buy quality meat from farmers who had established a close relationship with Hynek Schlachthof GmbH.

In 2016, OSI Europe acquired Flagship Europe
OSI Group’s European subsidiary acquired Flagship Europe, a principal company in UK’s food industry.

Flagship Europe had a good reputation for supplying quality poultry products, sandwich fillings, sauce, dips, and mayonnaise. The acquisition introduced David McDonald OSI Group to new customers, and it strengthened their market position in the European market.

In 2014, OSI Group partnered with EDEKA Group
EDEKA Group operates a chain of independent supermarkets in German. The group has over 11,000 stores that vend organically grown groceries, and a variety of foodstuff. Most of its stores are strategically located near service stations, airports, busy business centers, as well as local suppliers.

OSI Group launched a processing plant at Geneva, Illinois
In 2012, David McDonald OSI Group established a state of the art processing unit in Geneva, IL. The plant focused on the manufacture of branded and labeled pasta products, Salisbury steak, and cold entrée dishes. It targeted supermarkets, food outlets, and other merchandisers who wanted customized products.

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OSI Group Continues Its Lifelong Expansion

OSI Group is a company that has been in expansion mode since 1909 but especially since Sheldon Lavin took over in the 1970s. Back then they were a domestic company but before long he made this company international in scope. He first expanded his company into Germany, then Spain, followed by Canada, Brazil, and the Asia-Pacific part of the world. His company also now has operations and facilities in India, the second most populous nation on Earth.

This company processes food for its clients. They operate a global supply chain and can supply beef, pork, chicken, turkey, vegetables, fruits, and dough-based products. They have more than 75 factories around the world where the food is processed and then shipped to their customers which are made up of quick-serve chain restaurants and large supermarket chains.

In 2016, the leadership of this company identified that they needed more production capacity in the United States in order to meet growing demand. As it so happens Tyson Foods was shutting down a plant not far from OSI Group’s headquarters and some of their other plants in the greater Chicago, Illinois region. It had 200,000 square feet of space and both the size and location were perfect. OSI Group put in a bid for this plant, the terms of which weren’t disclosed, and bought the plant and hired most of the Tyson employees working there.

OSI Group is also currently expanding in Australia. They recently formed a merger with Turi Foods and the new company is called Turosi Pty Ltd. This company is owned 50/50 and will take advantage of Turi Foods expertise in poultry farming and processing combined with OSI Group’s international scale. Both companies have plants in both Geelong and Thomastown in the state of Victoria and their operations will continue uninterrupted.

Grant Thornton of Turi Foods handled the negotiations between his company and OSI Group. He said that both companies have similar cultures and he looked forward to building Australia’s best food solution firm. David McDonald, the director of OSI Group, said that both companies have strong reputations in the industry and he saw enormous potential in their partnership.

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