Sahm Adrangi Sheds Light On Ad Fraud

Sahm Adrangi, of Kerrisdale Capital, delivered a presentation on ad fraud at the Kase Learning conference in May of 2018. Kerrisdale Capital was launched nine years ago and manages approximately $180 million. The business was built around short activism and started publishing research on shorts in 2010 around the era of Chinese fraud when short sellers eliminated up to $20 billion of fraudulently invested capital. Kerrisdale Capital now focuses mainly on complex sectors in the United States.

During his presentation, Sahm Adrangi discussed a short activism campaign on St. Joe, a land developer located in the Florida Panhandle that is estimated to be worth half of the market valuation that was published on QuinStreet. Sahm Adrangi explained that he likes ad fraud because it allows investors to combine social good with short activism. He also discussed opportunities that exist in the ad fraud arena.

According to Wikipedia, ad fraud is when online clicks, advertisement impressions, data events or conversions are represented fraudulently in an effort to produce revenue. Essentially, display ads are placed on fake websites where bots from computers are viewing the ads instead of humans viewing the ads. This results in advertisers being less willing to spend money to advertise online, which negatively impacts the online advertising landscape. This issue also reduces the revenue of legitimate publishers.

Sahm Adrangi explained that ad companies benefit from this kind of fraud, which is possibly the reason why they are hesitant to adopt new detection schemes that can prevent fraud. Sahm Adrangi also explained how the same type of fraud occurs with video ads. This happens when videos are playing in the background of videos being watched, yet the unseen video gets charged to the buyer of online advertising.

Adrangi shared other examples of this pervasive issue during his presentation. The findings of research conducted by Kerrisdale Capital is found on their website and subscriptions are available to those interested in reviewing their research.

Shervin Pishevar Sees Future in Space-X and Virgin Hyperloop Despite the Poor State of Infrastructure

Shervin Pishevar is a renowned investor in the United States and the world at large. The venture capitalist, who has noteworthy interests in Uber and other large corporations around the world.

In one of his several tweets, Shervin Pishevar talks about the current state of infrastructure in the country. According to him, the state of infrastructure in the United States has been damaged, and the government is doing nothing to reverse the trend. This demonstrates how the government has been ignorant about the overall state of the country. If the current administration does not address the current state, the United States will continue to fall behind other nations which have focused on infrastructure to provide a base for the growth of their country.

Not only is the current state of infrastructure in tatters but the government parastatals and the government as well have been trapped into a cycle of short-term thinking. Shervin Pishevar has an idea that the government parastatals have all been structured in such a way that they are only focused on providing short-term solutions to some critical issues facing the country. For example, you will find the government paying much attention to factors such as immigration, short-term debts, and fixed foreign policies that only focus on providing a solution that does not give reliable answers to the country’s problems.

However, despite the doom facing the country at large, Shervin Pishevar is of the view that there are a few exceptions of which the Americans should be proud. One of the main things that will be changing soon is the expansion of Virgin Hyperloop and Space-X. These are new technologies that are likely to take the country with a storm. However, this should be considered with a skeptical eye given that Shervin Pishevar has significant interests in Virgin Hyperloop.

Why the Waiakea Water Brand is Special

With the upgrade of the economy and technology, there are many changes that we have to live with, in our daily life. For example, many people are now consuming bottled water. Some like the bottled water because they have a great pH and they are cleaner compared to running water.

However, what people do not understand is that some companies may be packing the running water and changing its pH through machines. The pH scale ranges from 0-14, with 0 being the most acidic and 14 being the most alkaline. 7 is neutral while products below 5.5 are considered strongly acidic. Your body needs to maintain an optimum pH of 7.4. Consuming acidic products may affect your body’s health as well as collude your teeth. Some people do not know that some of the beverages that they take are very acidic.

The Waiakea Water product is mindful of their customer’s health, and their water has a great pH of 8.2. The water brand is pure volcanic water from the Mauna Loa where it is always raining. The fans of the Waiakea Water products pride in the fact that the water is purely volcanic.

The water bottles have improved the economy, and many people are benefiting from the sales. The total value of the products is approximated to be $100 billion around the world. The issue is the environmental problem. For example, last year the number of bottles consumed was 50 billion, the sad part is that only 12 billion bottles were recycled, the rest are out there polluting the environment. The once beautiful beaches are now littered. If this continues, the next generation may never have a place to relax.

The plastic water bottle is non-organic. It takes 1000s of years to decay. The Waiakea Water has decided to solve the issue by introducing a plastic bottle that will take a maximum of 15 years to decay. This will help save the environment in the future. It is so noble of the water brand to take the initiative of protecting the environment. We can only hope that the other water brands follow the same route and save the well-being of the environment.

Jose Hawilla: Top Characteristics Of Entrepreneurs

Are you looking for information on success strategies of famous entrepreneurs? Want to know about Jose Hawilla, one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in Brazil? Perhaps you are researching people who have achieved success in their respective ventures.


Jose Hawilla is a highly regarded entrepreneur and successful businessman. Jose Hawilla has achieved tremendous success in his businesses and is known around the world. Many people turn to Jose Hawilla for advice and guidance on business matters.




To be successful, it’s extremely important to specialize in a certain field of endeavor and build your expertise. Many successful people believe focus is crucial when it comes to achieving great outcome in business.


Successful people push themselves and get out of their comfort zone. They push through fear, doubts, and shyness. Confidence in business is essential and it is a quality that successful entrepreneurs like Hawilla seem to have in abundance.


Not every attempt or action you take will result in success. Jose Hawilla knows this and always has other options in the event that his first plan or strategy does not work as planned. Sometimes, the best solution is to find out why the plan didn’t work for you and try a different approach instead of continuing to invest money and time into a failing project.


Many famous entrepreneurs, including Jose Hawilla, encountered obstacles and setbacks the first time around. Quitting is not an option when your plan or project fails, but you must find a better way to reach your goal. You need to have tremendous confidence and perseverance.


If you develop the qualities or characteristics necessary to deal with the responsibilities or challenges that come with managing a business or organization, chances are you will achieve success in your endeavors. In addition to been able to start your own business, it’s important to have the perseverance and motivation to keep pursuing your dream, no matter the situation you encounter. You can visit for more.



Jose Hawilla is a positive person and great motivator. Jose Hawilla encourages people to work hard and never give up when they encounter an obstacle.



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A Lifetime Of Hard Work Begets Success For Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian entrepreneur and owner of Neogama, one of the world’s premier advertising agencies. He founded the company in 1999 after spending nearly 20 years in various capacities at many advertising agencies in his native Brazil. Starting as a copywriter for Standard Ogilvy & Mather in 1982 and, by 1999, had worked his way into being the CEO and COO of Young & Rubicam.

After starting Neogama, Alexandre Gama began to gain global recognition for his company’s work. Neogama won a Golden Lion at Cannes in 1999 and won two more in separate major categories in 2002. By 2016, the company had won a total of 23 Golden Lions and Gama was the first Latin American selected to present a Masterclass at the Festival. His company has recently refocused its efforts on work in Brazil and South America. Neogama is currently one of the top and largest agencies in Brazil.

Meet the Fearless Business Woman: Doe Deere

It is vital that we feel confident and beautiful in our skin. However, people have defined beauty and makeup in a way that limits most people. Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crème Cosmetics has redefined the meaning of makeup. According to Doe Deere makeup means much more than the art of hiding imperfections, it is a form of expression. She emphasizes by saying that the right form of makeup is not what is defined as right or best by the society; it is what one feels at that particular moment.

Doe Deere is known for her confidence in overcoming criticism in her life. She empowers women in different ways including employment. In 2008, she began her beauty product line of Lime Crème Products. Doe Deere began from scratch, with her own believes and has achieved success. She encourages women on finding their voice in the society. She welcomes other aspiring women to contact her for support.

Being the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Doe Deere does not have a typical day. She says that she has to be everywhere in the firm ensuring everything is in order. Someday she is working with the Chief Creative Officer, other days she focuses on social media and marketing, while other days she is focused on her new products. She, however, affirms that she enjoys every moment in Lime Crime HQ.

There are pretty of investors who have workable ideas but never evaluate them. Bringing ideas to life is among the most critical parts of entrepreneurship. For Doe Deere, she handles her ideas like small children. She says that for ideas to bore fruits you have to help them grow. Fortunately, her team is very supportive and helps in bringing her ideas to fruition. The employees test the products before releasing them to the public, Doe Deere included. She says that wearing them prior putting them on shelves is the only sure way to ensure their worth the customers.

One of the factors that make Doe Deere productive is the ability to have a positive disposition. This helps while engaging with everyone in her line of business. The character has rendered her partnerships. Doe Deere also has a pure vision of what she wants, which helps her to focus on her goal. Knowing who her customers also make her efficient in her job.

The only advice that Doe Deere would give her young self is to embrace weirdness. She says that the best moments in life are those that are spent believing in yourself.

Doe Deere has a piece of advice to fellow business persons. She advises them to work on their listening abilities. According to Doe Deere, there is always something to find out if you are ready to listen. For her, she listens to everyone, her clients, employees and even the people who don’t like her. Through this, she has grown by learning from others every day. She also recommends a book by Lindy Woodhead: War Paint to her readers. Learn more: