The Life of Alastair Borthwick

Alastair Borthwick was a prominent Scottish journalist and author in the early 1940s, remembered for his books “Always a Little Further” and “Sans Peur”, both highly influential publications in entirely separate fields of work.

He was born in the February of 1913 in Rutherglen, Scotland, and he moved twice before settling in Glasgow for a great many years. He started his work in the field of journalism when he was only 16 with the Glasgow Herald, which also laid the masonry for his eventual involvement in the rock-climbing and hiking scene. His book, “Always a Little Further”, which he published in 1939 at the age of 26, featured a collection of articles that he had initially worked on for the newspaper about hiking culture in Scotland.

Though many were skeptical of the book’s laid-back attitude about what had been traditionally regarded as a higher-class activity, it proved to be one of the most influential novels ever written in the field of hiking and camping in Scotland.

Not long after this book was published, Alastair Borthwick left his comfortable editorial job when he was commissioned into the 5th Batallion (the Seaforth Highlanders) as an Intelligence Officer. He saw a long tour of duty throughout the length of World War Two, advancing through the ranks before finally becoming a Captain. He documented his experiences throughout this time in the 1946 book “Sans Peur, The History of the 5th (Caithness and Sutherland) Battalion, the Seaforth Highlanders”. This book, too, became widely known for it’s evocative retelling of the military history through the eyes of a junior officer, a bold new move.

Alastair Borthwick shifted focus after the war into broadcasting, moving with his wife Anne to Jura instead of Glasgow. He moved back shortly afterwards, and stayed there working on many television and radio programs until his retirement and subsequent relocation to Ayrshire in the 1970s. There he lived a simple life on a hill farm until he passed away in 2003.

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Investment Strategies from Finance GURU Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is cited as being one of the most successful investors in the USA. He has in the past worked in the Wall Street and coordinated the investment activities of many organizations and banks. Currently, Paul Mampilly serves as the senior editor of the Banyan Hill Publishing. The Banyan Hill Publishing is a news outlet that is committed to offering investment insights and ideas to the readers. He joined the group in 2016 and had overseen the introduction of  the innovative products and services such as ETF platforms and smart money services. He also manages different trading services such as True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. The investor has a weekly publication, Winning Investor Daily that has mammy subscribers.

Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul worked as an editor for the Professional Speculator which was published by Stanberry Research LLC. He is also credited for creating the Capuchin Group and served as its editor between 2003 and 2006. During his early years, he worked at the Royal Banks as a money manager and propelled the organization to improved performances. Additionally, the investor has worked for Swiss Banks, Deutsche, and the Templeton Foundation. He has experience in stock markets and has helped pinpoint the rights stocks fro different investors. Before retiring, he worked at Hedge Fund Consultant and Financial Advisory Editor. A look at his past activities indicates that he has played an essential role in providing valuable guides to investors.

Background Information on Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly graduated from the Fordham University in 1991 and proceeded to work in Wall Street. He worked as a portfolio manager for the Bankers Trust. It is during this period that he developed his skills in investment and finance. He also served as a hedge fund manager for the Kinetic Asset Management. In 2008, he won the Templeton Foundation Award which indicated that he had unique skills and experience in finance. After working in major financial institutions, the investor decided to help Americans make viable investments. He contributes to different publications such as Banyan Hill Publishing. His unique ideas have also been featured in major media outlets such as Fox News, CNBC, and other platforms.

Anil Chaturvedi Prominent Banker With Over Four Decades of Experience

Anil Chaturvedi is an accomplished banker with over four decades of experience in the field of finance and banking. He has learned a lot over the years about the field of banking and uses his expertise to help Hinduja Bank grow, where he is positioned as managing director currently. As the managing director of Hinduja Bank, Anil Chaturvedi has been innovative with his marketing approach. It has helped the bank to get new clients as well as improve their overall stand in the field of banking. Hinduja Bank is a private bank based in Switzerland. Anil Chaturvedi has the experience of working for some of the biggest banks and financial institutions in his career. It has helped him get the experience and the expertise needed to head a large private bank as Hinduja Bank.

Anil Chaturvedi studied masters in business administration from Delhi School of Economics and did his graduation from the Meerut University. After he completed his education, Anil Chaturvedi didn’t waste time and immediately started working for a local bank. Anil Chaturvedi worked for several years in India for local banks before he moved to the United States, where he joined one of the largest Indian public bank named State Bank of India in New York. Anil Chaturvedi has worked for some other banks in the United States such as ANZ Grindlays Bank and even Merrill Lynch. Working for Merrill Lynch for seventeen years has helped him understand the dynamics of corporate banking as well as know how to handle and manage the investment portfolio of high net worth clients.

Anil Chaturvedi knows that the Indian economy is growing at a fast pace in the last couple of years and knows that if European and American businesses expand their business network there, it would be helpful for India as well as them. It would help them reduce their operational cost and enjoy higher returns as the Indian consumer market is growing at a rapid pace and is one of the largest in the world. Anil Chaturvedi as the MD of Hinduja Bank has been working with many European businesses to help them spread out to Asia.

Sahm Adrangi Sheds Light On Ad Fraud

Sahm Adrangi, of Kerrisdale Capital, delivered a presentation on ad fraud at the Kase Learning conference in May of 2018. Kerrisdale Capital was launched nine years ago and manages approximately $180 million. The business was built around short activism and started publishing research on shorts in 2010 around the era of Chinese fraud when short sellers eliminated up to $20 billion of fraudulently invested capital. Kerrisdale Capital now focuses mainly on complex sectors in the United States.

During his presentation, Sahm Adrangi discussed a short activism campaign on St. Joe, a land developer located in the Florida Panhandle that is estimated to be worth half of the market valuation that was published on QuinStreet. Sahm Adrangi explained that he likes ad fraud because it allows investors to combine social good with short activism. He also discussed opportunities that exist in the ad fraud arena.

According to Wikipedia, ad fraud is when online clicks, advertisement impressions, data events or conversions are represented fraudulently in an effort to produce revenue. Essentially, display ads are placed on fake websites where bots from computers are viewing the ads instead of humans viewing the ads. This results in advertisers being less willing to spend money to advertise online, which negatively impacts the online advertising landscape. This issue also reduces the revenue of legitimate publishers.

Sahm Adrangi explained that ad companies benefit from this kind of fraud, which is possibly the reason why they are hesitant to adopt new detection schemes that can prevent fraud. Sahm Adrangi also explained how the same type of fraud occurs with video ads. This happens when videos are playing in the background of videos being watched, yet the unseen video gets charged to the buyer of online advertising.

Adrangi shared other examples of this pervasive issue during his presentation. The findings of research conducted by Kerrisdale Capital is found on their website and subscriptions are available to those interested in reviewing their research.

Shervin Pishevar Sees Future in Space-X and Virgin Hyperloop Despite the Poor State of Infrastructure

Shervin Pishevar is a renowned investor in the United States and the world at large. The venture capitalist, who has noteworthy interests in Uber and other large corporations around the world.

In one of his several tweets, Shervin Pishevar talks about the current state of infrastructure in the country. According to him, the state of infrastructure in the United States has been damaged, and the government is doing nothing to reverse the trend. This demonstrates how the government has been ignorant about the overall state of the country. If the current administration does not address the current state, the United States will continue to fall behind other nations which have focused on infrastructure to provide a base for the growth of their country.

Not only is the current state of infrastructure in tatters but the government parastatals and the government as well have been trapped into a cycle of short-term thinking. Shervin Pishevar has an idea that the government parastatals have all been structured in such a way that they are only focused on providing short-term solutions to some critical issues facing the country. For example, you will find the government paying much attention to factors such as immigration, short-term debts, and fixed foreign policies that only focus on providing a solution that does not give reliable answers to the country’s problems.

However, despite the doom facing the country at large, Shervin Pishevar is of the view that there are a few exceptions of which the Americans should be proud. One of the main things that will be changing soon is the expansion of Virgin Hyperloop and Space-X. These are new technologies that are likely to take the country with a storm. However, this should be considered with a skeptical eye given that Shervin Pishevar has significant interests in Virgin Hyperloop.

OSI Group Continues Its Lifelong Expansion

OSI Group is a company that has been in expansion mode since 1909 but especially since Sheldon Lavin took over in the 1970s. Back then they were a domestic company but before long he made this company international in scope. He first expanded his company into Germany, then Spain, followed by Canada, Brazil, and the Asia-Pacific part of the world. His company also now has operations and facilities in India, the second most populous nation on Earth.

This company processes food for its clients. They operate a global supply chain and can supply beef, pork, chicken, turkey, vegetables, fruits, and dough-based products. They have more than 75 factories around the world where the food is processed and then shipped to their customers which are made up of quick-serve chain restaurants and large supermarket chains.

In 2016, the leadership of this company identified that they needed more production capacity in the United States in order to meet growing demand. As it so happens Tyson Foods was shutting down a plant not far from OSI Group’s headquarters and some of their other plants in the greater Chicago, Illinois region. It had 200,000 square feet of space and both the size and location were perfect. OSI Group put in a bid for this plant, the terms of which weren’t disclosed, and bought the plant and hired most of the Tyson employees working there.

OSI Group is also currently expanding in Australia. They recently formed a merger with Turi Foods and the new company is called Turosi Pty Ltd. This company is owned 50/50 and will take advantage of Turi Foods expertise in poultry farming and processing combined with OSI Group’s international scale. Both companies have plants in both Geelong and Thomastown in the state of Victoria and their operations will continue uninterrupted.

Grant Thornton of Turi Foods handled the negotiations between his company and OSI Group. He said that both companies have similar cultures and he looked forward to building Australia’s best food solution firm. David McDonald, the director of OSI Group, said that both companies have strong reputations in the industry and he saw enormous potential in their partnership.


Freedom Checks Present Investors With Stakes in MLPs

Freedom Checks are a unique investment opportunity from natural resource guru Matt Badiali. Badaili is an expert investor in the natural resource market, and a learned geologist. He uses his expertise to gain first-hand information on natural resource companies by personally investigating them. He is also wholly knowledgeable about the market itself. Usually his information is given to the readers of the two newsletters he writes for Banyan Hill Publishing, But in the case of Freedom Checks he has decided to address the public.

Freedom Checks are investments into companies that use MLPs, or Master Limited Partnerships. These are non-controlling stakes in a natural resource company that have the spirit of a stock but not the actual name. MLP companies primarily deal in the production, processing, and transportation of gas and oil. Most of this transportation is done via pipelines, or trucks that are filled at various refineries. I order for such a business to label itself an MLP it has to fit a certain distinction. It has to distribute 90% its income out to its various stakeholders. This is profitable for the company because it gets to enjoy a generous tax break. It is also profitable to the stakeholders as they get a regular payout.

This payout is actually referred to as a return of capital. So far 568 companies take advantage of this tax break by issuing MLPs. As the production of oil is currently switching from the Middle East to the U.S. of A. the profits to be gained from such an investment are quite sizeable. This is why Badiali has been airing his Freedom Checks commercials, to let everyone know about this amazing opportunity before it passes. As with any legitimate investment the profit is equal to the stakes purchased. The more stakes one has the higher amount on the check they receive. Stakes in these MLP companies can be purchased for as little as $10 dollars but depending on the company can provide a large payout.

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Why the Waiakea Water Brand is Special

With the upgrade of the economy and technology, there are many changes that we have to live with, in our daily life. For example, many people are now consuming bottled water. Some like the bottled water because they have a great pH and they are cleaner compared to running water.

However, what people do not understand is that some companies may be packing the running water and changing its pH through machines. The pH scale ranges from 0-14, with 0 being the most acidic and 14 being the most alkaline. 7 is neutral while products below 5.5 are considered strongly acidic. Your body needs to maintain an optimum pH of 7.4. Consuming acidic products may affect your body’s health as well as collude your teeth. Some people do not know that some of the beverages that they take are very acidic.

The Waiakea Water product is mindful of their customer’s health, and their water has a great pH of 8.2. The water brand is pure volcanic water from the Mauna Loa where it is always raining. The fans of the Waiakea Water products pride in the fact that the water is purely volcanic.

The water bottles have improved the economy, and many people are benefiting from the sales. The total value of the products is approximated to be $100 billion around the world. The issue is the environmental problem. For example, last year the number of bottles consumed was 50 billion, the sad part is that only 12 billion bottles were recycled, the rest are out there polluting the environment. The once beautiful beaches are now littered. If this continues, the next generation may never have a place to relax.

The plastic water bottle is non-organic. It takes 1000s of years to decay. The Waiakea Water has decided to solve the issue by introducing a plastic bottle that will take a maximum of 15 years to decay. This will help save the environment in the future. It is so noble of the water brand to take the initiative of protecting the environment. We can only hope that the other water brands follow the same route and save the well-being of the environment.

Talk Fusion’s Aim for Perfection

Bob Reina is an entrepreneur who started Talk Fusion about a decade ago that has changed the lives of millions of people all over the world. Talk Fusion has spread to unimaginable territory since it was started. Reina was inspired to develop the technology and start the company after a failed attempt at sending a video email. Before beginning Talk Fusion, Bob Reina was a police officer in Florida. While working as a police officer Reina started working in marketing on the side to bring in extra income. After his encounter with the failed email while house hunting he got with his friend Dr. Chen to develop the technology for video communication. He launched Talk Fusion and has been successful because of the skills he developed while he was working in marketing in addition to being a police officer.

Talk Fusion is an innovative company that releases products that are innovative. Since Talk Fusion was launched, they have stunned people with the products that they create. When the company started and was an instant success, Bob Reina saw that he was not the only person desiring video communication. He saw that there were people all over the world who wanted video communication but thought it was impossible. The most exciting product that they created is WebRTC. The original version of WebRTC opened up a world that many people didn’t know existed and the recent updates to the program are even more shocking.

The updates to WebRTC allow a clearer more advanced way to communicate through videos such as screen sharing and video support. They had taken a great product and made it more significant than it was before they made any changes. They are no longer requiring other programs to utilize the programs that they have in place. The quality of sound and visual appearance has been brought to a higher value than what it previously was. Talk Fusion aims to give their customers high quality products that keep their competition trying to catch up.

The people on the board at Talk Fusion have no doubt that the products will serve their customers well. The quality of the products is at a peak since the company first started. They have worked to get better in every area. The company plans to continue creating products that are better than the ones that they previously made available to their fellow customers. Learn more: