Facts you Ought to Know About OSI Group

OSI Group’s history is deeply rooted and attached to the immigrant experience. Otto Kolschowsky was a German immigrant, who decided to establish in Oak Park, a small meat market, two years after reaching United States. He viewed this as a means of serving his community. Within decades, the business had expanded its operations to Maywood, making it rebrand to Otto & Sons in 1928. The company came to be McDonald’s supplier after Arthur and Harry Kolschowsky, bumped into Ray Kroc. He was a franchise agent for a San Bernardino couple, who opened the first McDonald’s restaurant in 1955, in Des Plaines, Illinois.

After Kroy purchased the McDonald’s later on, the Otto & Sons symbiotically joined in to supply the ever growing number of regional McDonald’s restaurants. Transformation of the Otto & Sons to the OSI Group evolved within the next two decades. In 1973, Otto & Sons established its first plant, with machinery for flashing freezing hamburger patties. This was in a bid to produce an affordable, sustainable and consumer related product. The outcome saw them become a two track company; one a rapidly growing Midwest supplier and second, a stable local supplier. This triggered its change to OSI Industries in 1975.Its drastic growth over the years was a result of making Lavin the chairman and CEO in the late 1980’s.

Sheldon Lavin, an experienced investor and executive in the banking sector, saw the OSI Group ranked #58 on the 2016 Forbes list of the largest private companies. It has become one of the most essential food distributor in the world, with expansions and joint ventures in Brazil, Hungary, among other countries. The large company continues to evolve and diversify. With an impressive rate, it has expanded to beans, salsa and tofu commodities, in addition to sausage, pizza and hamburger patties. The OSI Group has merged with Turi Foods, the largest poultry processors in Australia, to serve customers in new, innovative ways and build a world class food solution group.OSI Group pinpoints how small businesses can rise to become world’s leading food providers, with hard work and determination.

Roberto Santiago: The Businessman who Developed Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a well-established and prominent businessman from Brazil, the owner of two populous and successful malls in the country. Santiago owns Manaira and Mangabeira Shopping Malls that are famous for providing top recreational activities to customers. Roberto Manaira Shopping Center is located in Joao Pessoa City, it is the largest in Paraiba state. Apart from the shopping mall business, the entrepreneur has other business interests in real estate, entertainment and investment in Brazil.

About Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago began constructing Manaira Shopping in 1987 and opened in 1987. It is based in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, and it occupies an area of 135,000sqmeters. It has the capacity to hold more than 3,000 vehicles. Mr. Santiago designed the mall in an international standard in order to provide exceptional services to their customers. Since its launching in 1989, Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has been redeveloped several times to meet the ever growing demands of their clients. Besides entertainment and shopping facilities, the mall has a bank and a college making it a full public place. Read more on pbagora.com.

Other Facilities at Manaira Shopping

Manaira mall is designed to cater for the needs of all, the kids, youth and adults. It has the kids’ zone, Game zone, garden, food court, spa, shopping stores, boutique hall, salon, bar and restaurants, movie theaters and more. Additionally, new features are added regularly to provide desired entertainment to visitors and the public. From the eleven movie theaters, three of them are VIP installed with 3D technology. Movie watching experience is taken to another level using 3D technology. While watching movies, fans are offered the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of snacks and soft drinks. The restaurants at the mall offer food that caters for the needs of both local and foreigners. Capital Steak House is a restaurant at the mall is favorite place for both local and tourists.

Damus Hall is the latest addition to Manaira Shopping Mall. It is an entertainment venue located on rooftop of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. It hosts numerous events and conferences like business summit, seminars, wedding, anniversary parties, graduation, musical concerts and other live concerts. It can hold about 8,000 fans, some seated and others standing. The hall is fitted with modern and advanced amenities and tech equipment and devices to make the event enjoyable and successful. Visit 12.social.com for more info.

Roberto Santiago is committed to ensure Manaira mall has provided top class services to its customers always. He has created an excellent customer service department to ensure customers’ feedback are addressed on time. His successful venture is attributed to hard word, passion, dedication and commitment. The businessman advises emerging entrepreneurs to actualize their business ideas and make them a reality, and it is an opportunity for them to succeed.

Eduardo Sirotsky Meltzer; The Man Responsible for the Success of Grupo RBS

In an article on Globo, Eduardo Sirotsky Meltzer is the president of Grupo RBS and the chair of its board. Eduardo has made the company one of the most successful family businesses in the country. Eduardo attended the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul in 1998. Melzer then joined Harvard University where he pursued a Master’s in Business Administration. He returned to Brazil to work in the financial sector after completing school. Melzer rose up the ranks and soon became master franchiser at Sweet Sweet Way. This is an international firm.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer also served as a consultant for Booz Allen & Hamilton. Melzer returned to the United States where he got a job at Delphi Corporation. Duda Melzer was appointed the CEO overseeing Grupo RBS’ domestic market in 2004. Melzer was promoted to vice president of business development and market after four years. Eduardo was named the executive vice president of Grupo RBS in 2010. Eduardo was named the executive chairman in 2012. He was appointed the CEO of Grupo RBS in a ceremony that was held in the middle of the year. He officially started acting as the chair of the board of directors last year.

According to Acaert, Melzer has won many awards for his professional excellence and his accomplishments as a leader and CEO. He won the Cabore Award in the professional category and the professional highlight from the Brazilian Advertising Association in the executive category. He received the Merit Award in 2015 from the Regional Management Council of Rio Grande do Sul. Melzer served as a member of the boards of the executive council of the standard norms and the National Council for Advertising Self-Regulation. Melzer is the chairman of e.Bricks Digital. He is a major shareholder of e.Bricks Ventures. The venture capitalist firm invests in companies around the world. It has expanded its operations overseas.

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