US Money Reserve Creates Its Own TV Show To Answer Questions

Austin, Texas, based firm, US Money Reserve has come out with a new direct response television show that is called the 2016 Gold Summit. US Money Reserve is a leading private distributor of United States Mint issued silver and gold coins.

The company also distributes other hard currencies and investments such as platinum coins and limited edition collectible coins such as the Cook Islands Brexit coin. Investors can also purchase certified and high purity gold bullion and gold bars for their investment portfolio through US Money Reserve via the phone or the web.

According to Bloomberg, US Money Reserve’s new direct response TV show aptly takes place during the Gold Summit event in Los Angeles, California. Several high profile names will be at US Money Reserve’s TV event. Famous news reporter and TV host, Larry King will be the moderator for US Money Reserve’s show. Joining him as a presenter is Michael Reagan, who is the son of former president Michael Reagan.

After Michael Reagan’s introduction to being able to own gold, a three person panel of gold, finance and economics experts discuss the issues and benefits to owning gold. They also discuss volatility in the present gold market, the advantages of gold, silver and platinum to other investments, the purchasing power parity of the US dollar, and what to look out for in the financial markets now.

The three person panel includes some former and present US Money Reserve staff. One of the panelists is Phillip Diehl, who currently serves as the president of US Money Reserve. Diehl is also the former director of the United States Mint. The panel also featured John Rothans, who serves as as the head numismatist at US Money Reserve.

As head numismatist, John Rothans chooses which collectible coins have high investment potential and are a good buy for US Money Reserve clients. The third panelist joining Diehl and Rothans is the former vice president of sales at the company, Brad Castillo.

Crunchbase revealed that US Money Reserve’s Gold Summit show is slated to be released in a few business and financial media markets. CEO of US Money Reserve, Angela Koch says she believes the Gold Summit TV show will be a huge success. She also said it is a major tribute to the hard work of the production and design staff at her company.

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