Paul Mampilly is a Hedge Fund Manager and Self Made Success

According to LinkedIn, Paul Mampilly is a hedge fund manager, also known as a self-proclaimed proven investment expert.” In 2009, he won a contest sponsored by the Templeton Foundation for making a big investment profit during the financial crisis.

Although he spent twenty successful years on Wall Street, some of Paul Mampilly’s career has been in the Triangle Area of North Carolina. More specifically, he worked in Durham and Chapel Hill. Currently, he is the founder of Durham’s Capuchin Consulting, an investment firm, founded in 2013. He also manages the investment services Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum.

This entrepreneur is also in the publishing business. He founded and managed Banyan Hill Publishing. As the senior editor, he edits research investment newsletters called Profits for Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes. After substantial research, Paul Mampilly shares tips with businesspeople, big and small. The subscribers do not invest with Mampilly. Instead, they buy with their own accounts. These suggested stock investments are not a big risk and do not include option buying.

Some subscribers report making profits from five thousand dollars to twenty-five thousand dollars. The newsletter has over 60,000 subscribers and Banyan Hill Publishing, with their other investment newsletters, now has over 200,000 subscribers. The company is in South Florida’s Delray Beach. Mampilly also writes articles for Winning Investment Daily.

Paul Mampilly, born in India, attended prestigious schools. In 1996, he earned an MBA in Finance from the Fordham Gabelli Graduate School of Business. He also attended Montclair State University for Finance and Accounting. In his spare time, he volunteered by transporting food to the needy, participated in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters group and spoke English with Second Language Speakers. Currently, Paul Mampilly writes investment posts on StockTwits, Facebook and on Twitter. He consults on TV news shows like CNBC and Fox. He shares helpful tips on YouTube and enjoys an early retirement from an everyday job.

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