OSI Group President David McDonald

OSI Group has made major headway over the years as a leader in the food industry. The company has worked diligently to rise above competitors with David McDonald leading the charge as company president. From farm to the boardroom, Mr. McDonald shows those who are trying to follow in his footsteps how rising to the top of a global empire is accomplished.

David McDonald expressed his love of agriculture at a young age grow. He gained much knowledge from his farm days and went on to pursue a degree from Iowa State University. David was able to land a position at OSI Industries in Chicago in 1991 where he received promotion after promotion. His hard work certainly paid off as he scored the position of president of USI Group and brought change to the industry.

The Wallace E. Baron Outstanding Senior Award was bestowed upon him for all of his hard work. This award is given to him because of his determination to create sound partnerships and growth within the company. The acknowledgment elevated his leadership to a whole new level and granted him much admiration in his field.  View David McDonald’s profile at Linkedin.

OSI Group is wellknown as a supplier of food products such as beef patties, sandwiches, pizza, and much more. They currently have over 50 facilities located across the globe in 17 countries. Forming sound partnerships was truly a genius business idea from David. Under his leadership, OSI Group has become the largest supplier of chicken products in China.

Ethical customer relations has also earned David and his company much respect in the industry. Being able to successfully develop a rapport with customers has had a huge impact on the company. Word of mouth is a long established way to get people talking about a company and this very marketing tool has made OSI what is is today.

David McDonald strives to make OSI Group the best in the industry and customer satisfaction is his priority. The company is always coming up with new ways to serve its customers so be sure to take a look at David’s and OSI Group’s website for more information.

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