ClassDojo and Ad Astra have developed a Learning Tool that will Equip Students with Critical Thinking Skills

ClassDojo, in partnership with Los Angeles private school called Ad Astra, has come up with a new student learning tool. ClassDojo is an educational software developer looking to connect teachers, students and parents as a way to encourage learning, character building and skill development among others. The developer and Ad Astra have endeavored to develop “Conundrums”, a set of critical thing puzzles, and release it soon for students and teachers’ use.

The Conundrums pose critical thinking puzzles to the students. The open-minded critical thinking problems are then discussed by the students among themselves in an effort to find a solution. They are also exposed to ethical problems. The conundrums contains more nuanced and complicated questions compared to other elementary school or middle school curricula address.

In an effort to give a better understanding on how the Conundrums works, ClassDojo provided some few examples. Conundrum questions exercises are coupled with cartoons to paint a comprehensive picture scenario to students and give a real touch to issues. One of the exercises the conundrum poses looks to address issues of property rights. For instance, a student could be asked, Denis and his friends have discovered a massive dinosaur on someone else’s land! Who does it belong to?

During the session, the students are encouraged to be open-minded, respect the opinion of others and discusses the issue at hand with others. Additionally, ClassDojo has incorporated a platform in the tool that gives teachers tips to help students to solve the puzzle. The conundrum can also be designed in a way that each group seem to have a valid claim to the dinosaur skeleton. For instance, it can be twisted a little bit to become, Denis and his friends discover a massive Dinosaur skeleton. However, half of it is in Yosemite National Park while the other half is on Farmer Spike’s land. Who should the dinosaur belong to? The three parties seem to have a valid claim to the dinosaur skeleton. That will spark a new way of thinking in students.

Essentially, the tool equips students with critical thinking skills, ethics and social skills. The classroom tool is one of the many classroom solutions that ClassDojo has developed.

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