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Most people don’t realize this, but Dick Devos is now working in Washington as well. He was appointed to the Management Business Advisory council by the FAA in September 2017. If you recognize the name, it’s because he is married to Betsy Devos, the new US Education Secretary. While he has run for office in the past, he has yet to hold an office. The council is his first foray into politics on Capitol Hill.


The council is comprised of 13 members. There are some former transportation officials and well as previous airline executives who are joining the team to help with FAA’s new policies and regulations set to come out later this year. The FAA has been working on new security regulations and plans for future growth, as more competition has caused American airlines to fall in stock from time to time.


The lack of stability has been a concern as aviation is one of America’s stronger markets. However, part of that is also the employment of pilots and the dwindling student numbers in education. Most don’t realize that Devos has experience in aviation education himself, as he is a pilot and also a co-founder of an aviation school.


The aviation school is called West Michigan Aviation Academy. Located in Grand Rapids, it’s one of the projects that Devos has been closer to in his time after Amway. His wife helped co-found the school earlier in the 2000s. It’s one of the only schools like it in America. Students train to become professional pilots.


However, there is a lot more happening with aviation than most realize. There has been incredible instability has markets fluctuate month to month for airlines, and the decreases are becoming slightly more drastic. Devos has been one of the masterminds behind the increase and growth of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids as well. He has helped the airport expand, including a $45 million renovation that will be completed in 2018.


However, it was Devos who originally helped the airport come up with new ideas for revenue and sales. He started by asking airlines to expand their destinations and bring in new travelers looking to go to several international destinations.


Now that he is on the council, Devos has been working the FAA for almost a year. It will be interesting to see his thoughts on the new policies and regulations coming out in 2019.


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