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The Brown Agency Merger Opens Up Scout Opportunities


The Brown Agency, based in Austin, Texas along with the Wilhelmina Austin Studios and has created one of the largest talent scout agencies in the South. For years, they’ve been committed to recruiting great talent for many scouts around the world. They pride themselves in the industry’s best talent with professional talent. In fact, they specialize in models of all ages and many looks and talent levels. The Austin Agency is a relatively new company under the merger, but has been active for the past 30 years under a single talent scout agency.


Why Choose The Brown Agency For Your Talent


Central Texas has seen a surge of talent with the new Brown Agency comprehensive modeling scout rehabilitation meant to attract new talent and showcase the models that have always been with their agency. They offer their clients world-class talent. Enjoy the top acting and modeling jobs around the world. They operate on a larger scale with over 16,000+ diverse models. They have committed to their talent since the time they’ve opened their door. The Brown Agency has developed big market standards. Get the talent you need from the industry’s top talent scout agency.


The Brown Recruits Professional


They have a professional team of makeup artists, hair stylist, and acting coaches on-site. You can achieve the look you want to play any part. The Brown Agency also doubles as a Talent Management Company. Enjoy top jobs like Louis Vuitton, L’oréal, and many more to add to your portfolio. Brown is a creative talent agency that matches their talent with the top professional scouts in the world. You can be sent on professional jobs as soon as 6 months. They have a comprehensive fact sheet for their applicants to fill out identifying, if they’re a match with their talent scout agency.




Get the benefits of an agency that has elite models. They also offer a diverse group of talent of all ages, shapes, and sizes. You’re invited to visit their official website for more details on the exclusive Brown Agency talent recruiting agency. Find your next modeling job with the Brown Agency. You can visit their Instagram page.


Information On Saad Saad Inventions

A surgeon is not a surgeon until he succeeds in the surgery life. It makes the surgeon become fully accomplished and this is why Dr. Saad Saad is regarded as an accomplished pediatric surgeon. This is after he succeeded to perform more than a thousand surgeries related to complex pediatric surgeries. In his life, Saad Saad always kept in his mind that he can improve the methods and procedures that are used during the surgeries. The reason behind him thinking of something new is because he wanted to reduce the pain that was experienced and also some risk. These are the things that kept saad Saad to constantly challenge the quo by finding the ways. It resulted in him to patent two inventions and also came up with many other new pediatric procedures . in his career that was more than 40 years at the service, he used to perform complex pediatric surgeries and he used to help the patients that came either from his community in the United States of were from other communities. He used to help the young adults and children that came from Holyland.


During his career, Dr. Saad Saad used to go fora medical mission. He once attended four times in the United States. In addition, he went for eight other medical missions to perform free complex surgeries at Jerusalem where he was helping the poor children there. In his inventions, Dr. Saad Saad holds patents for them.


In part of his inventions, is improving some endoscopes. Endoscopes are the optical devices that are used by doctors to look inside the body organs especially during surgery or examination time. They can be used to look at the stomach, throat, windpipe, colon, and bladder. They are very helpful because they provide a visual image that the doctor can know the problem inside the boy of a patient and a surgery or body scan is not done.


The other invention is about the medical catheters. These catheters are tubes that help in serving a wide range of roles. The tubes are specifically inserted inside the body of a patient and they can help in treating the medical condition or help in performing the surgical procedures. The other role is that they can be used to provide the access to the surgical instruments, where they can drain the gas and fluids but depending with the types of catheter, they can also perform other tasks. Certain catheters after being inserted inside the body of the human, they can be left inside for temporary function or even permanent.


The surgeons have to keep track of whether the catheter has been put in the right location. So that they could track the exact location, they traditionally used an X-ray or even MRI. The disadvantage of using X-ray is because of the effects from the radiation while MRI is a huge machine that is not portable. Learn more:


Why the Waiakea Water Brand is Special

With the upgrade of the economy and technology, there are many changes that we have to live with, in our daily life. For example, many people are now consuming bottled water. Some like the bottled water because they have a great pH and they are cleaner compared to running water.

However, what people do not understand is that some companies may be packing the running water and changing its pH through machines. The pH scale ranges from 0-14, with 0 being the most acidic and 14 being the most alkaline. 7 is neutral while products below 5.5 are considered strongly acidic. Your body needs to maintain an optimum pH of 7.4. Consuming acidic products may affect your body’s health as well as collude your teeth. Some people do not know that some of the beverages that they take are very acidic.

The Waiakea Water product is mindful of their customer’s health, and their water has a great pH of 8.2. The water brand is pure volcanic water from the Mauna Loa where it is always raining. The fans of the Waiakea Water products pride in the fact that the water is purely volcanic.

The water bottles have improved the economy, and many people are benefiting from the sales. The total value of the products is approximated to be $100 billion around the world. The issue is the environmental problem. For example, last year the number of bottles consumed was 50 billion, the sad part is that only 12 billion bottles were recycled, the rest are out there polluting the environment. The once beautiful beaches are now littered. If this continues, the next generation may never have a place to relax.

The plastic water bottle is non-organic. It takes 1000s of years to decay. The Waiakea Water has decided to solve the issue by introducing a plastic bottle that will take a maximum of 15 years to decay. This will help save the environment in the future. It is so noble of the water brand to take the initiative of protecting the environment. We can only hope that the other water brands follow the same route and save the well-being of the environment.

Sussex Healthcare: Taking Care Of Its People And Residents

Sussex Healthcare, primarily based in the United Kingdom, is an independent Healthcare Service company providing care homes and support services. The first facility opened in 1985 and has been growing since. The range of services offered focus on the care of elderly adults that are in need of specialized assistance. Sussex Healthcare was founded by Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. Boghani has a background in hospitality, whereas Sachedina’s is in the medical field. In March 2018 Sussex appointed Amanda Morgan-Taylor as the Chief Executive Officer. Her background is in the healthcare field with many years of mental health nursing experience. She has also previously held a number of leadership roles in the healthcare industry.This background, along with Boghani and Sachedina’s, has been essential in creating this adult care network.

Today more than 20 facilities operate under the Sussex Healthcare umbrella. The company specializes in operating live-in facilities for those suffering with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, along with younger adults with neurological disabilities. They have a skilled care-giving staff and support team trained to cater to all who call Sussex Healthcare home.

This organization attracts staff that have the same passion and empathy as its leaders. Sussex is committed to continued training, even operating its own in-house training program at its headquarters in West Sussex. They promote continued education by supporting nurse apprenticeships and courses on management. Being a staff member at Sussex means a competitive salary, benefits, pension program, reduced rates on accommodations, meals, paid time off and advancement opportunities.

There is a number of different types of care they provide at Sussex. The philosophy is to provide physical, emotional, spiritual and social care. All of the facilities include programs for residents to stay active and engaged, including activity based on the residents interest. They also have skilled chefs and staff who create meals daily for specific dietary needs. Sussex Healthcare’s goal is for their residents to live full meaningful lives.