Lime Crime/Unicorn Born

Lime Crime cosmetics was created by Founder and CEO Doe Deere. Who is Doe Deere? What’s so special about Lime Crime? Where did Lime Crime Start? How did it start? What made it the successful brand it is today?

Doe Deere was born in Russia. She grew up in New York City and studied fashion in college. She eventually left conventional training to become her own boss. She created and sold her own clothing line on the internet. This was a radical move in 2004. It was met with mild success. Flash forward to 2008. Lime Crime is born. It was a hit!

Lime Crime became one of the first successful cosmetic lines to launch online. Doe Deere’s love of fairy-tales and cosmetics inspired her ideas. She turned her true passions into a tangible product. Performing online tutorials and engaging her followers helped to increase her business. This resulted in huge growth in 2009. Doe became one of the first female entrepreneurs of the digital age. She now happily resides in California.

Lime Crime sells cruelty-free, Vegan, and colorful cosmetics! The brand’s mascot is a unicorn. They represent individuality, beauty, and compassion for life. Naturally, Doe Deere is known as the ” Unicorn Queen ” of colors. Appropriately, one of her newest creations is called Unicorn Hair. All of Lime Crime’s cosmetics are made in America.
They partner with the best laboratories to bring colorful ideas to life. The end result is a brilliant and kind company that benefits everyone!

Speaking of color…Alchemy is Lime Crime’s newest cosmetics collection. It’s full of magical colors and themes that awaken the imagination. Doe Deere believes in embracing your weird side. She believes we’re happier when we have freedom to be ourselves. What’s more liberating than expressing yourself? This palette includes fiery coppers, deep purples, and vivid greens.

She also believes in giving back. Lime Crime donates to an enormous list of charities. They support HOLA for kids in LA, Sanctuary for families, Bideawee Animal Shelter, Adopt NY, the Red Cross and Girls Inc. Doe calls this one of the most rewarding moments of her career. She realized giving to her favorite institutions would make a real difference in the world. What’s more rewarding than that?

The future is bright for Lime Crime. Doe Deere says she wants to focus on creating more mythical collections. One is more fantastical than the last. She said, “You always have to offer people something that no one else has to be really successful.” She relies on the motto that beauty should make you feel happy. ” The colors in your makeup collection should bring out the best possible version of yourself,” she exclaimed.

Lime Crime is a distinguishable brand that was built from the bottom up. The drive and great ideas of Doe Deere brought it to fruition. The unique colors and compassion of this brand are what makes it successful.

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Securus Technologies adapts tools of war for battles closer to home

Throughout the world, prison systems deal with the menace posed by criminal gangs. Gangs that exist on the street often endure within prison walls. In many cases, gang members are sworn to lifetime allegiance by the gangs with whom they are affiliated. Many of these gang bangers live by strict codes of honor and loyalty, which dictate that they always put the interests of the gang above their own. All of this means that gang activity is endemic throughout the world’s prisons.


But one of the things that is so strikingly unique about the prison gangs of the United States is their level of professionalization and military-like discipline. While gangs in other countries often closely resemble their counterparts on the streets, prison gangs in the United States often look more like sophisticated Mafia operations of the kind seen in movies like “The Godfather”. On top of this, prison gangs often require their members to participate in daily training exercises, meaning foot soldiers in some prison gangs are in better shape and more well-prepared for combat than many soldiers in the U.S. Armed Forces.


All of this means that prison gangs like the Mexican Mafia, Aryan Brotherhood and Black Guerilla Family can pose serious and even existential threats to the institutions where they are housed. These gangs are often led by highly intelligent, competent leadership. And unlike their street-side counterparts, prison gangs are often focused solely on making money. This singular focus means they often engage less in mindless violence. But when violence is used, it is often decisive and brutal.


Add to this dynamic the introduction of easily concealed cellphones around the year 2000, and you quickly end up with a recipe for chaos. Prison gangs quickly began making optimal use of the cheap and compact cellphones that started coming on the market in the early 2000s. They used the phones to communicate with soldiers on the outside of prison. Suddenly, there was a huge uptick in crimes like high-level drug deals, hits on rival gang members and witness intimidation. This last crime proved to be a particularly nasty problem because it not only victimized witnesses to crimes, undermining the entire legal process, but it also began allowing some of the worst criminals in the country to go free, such as high-level drug traffickers and serial murderers.


Then, in 2015, Securus Technologies, one of the most innovative companies in the prison security industry, unveiled its Wireless Containment System. The device is able to completely block 100 percent of illegal phone calls originating from within prison grounds. The WCS has been proven to be almost completely effective at removing the threat of contraband phones from the institutions where it is deployed.


Jose Hawilla: Top Characteristics Of Entrepreneurs

Are you looking for information on success strategies of famous entrepreneurs? Want to know about Jose Hawilla, one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in Brazil? Perhaps you are researching people who have achieved success in their respective ventures.


Jose Hawilla is a highly regarded entrepreneur and successful businessman. Jose Hawilla has achieved tremendous success in his businesses and is known around the world. Many people turn to Jose Hawilla for advice and guidance on business matters.




To be successful, it’s extremely important to specialize in a certain field of endeavor and build your expertise. Many successful people believe focus is crucial when it comes to achieving great outcome in business.


Successful people push themselves and get out of their comfort zone. They push through fear, doubts, and shyness. Confidence in business is essential and it is a quality that successful entrepreneurs like Hawilla seem to have in abundance.


Not every attempt or action you take will result in success. Jose Hawilla knows this and always has other options in the event that his first plan or strategy does not work as planned. Sometimes, the best solution is to find out why the plan didn’t work for you and try a different approach instead of continuing to invest money and time into a failing project.


Many famous entrepreneurs, including Jose Hawilla, encountered obstacles and setbacks the first time around. Quitting is not an option when your plan or project fails, but you must find a better way to reach your goal. You need to have tremendous confidence and perseverance.


If you develop the qualities or characteristics necessary to deal with the responsibilities or challenges that come with managing a business or organization, chances are you will achieve success in your endeavors. In addition to been able to start your own business, it’s important to have the perseverance and motivation to keep pursuing your dream, no matter the situation you encounter. You can visit for more.



Jose Hawilla is a positive person and great motivator. Jose Hawilla encourages people to work hard and never give up when they encounter an obstacle.



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