Securus Technologies releases customer comments and extends open invitation to the public

Based out of Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies provides monitoring technologies used by government agencies. It serves well over three thousand government agencies, such as jails and police stations. Many prisons and jails also use Securus as their phone service provider. Not only does the phone service allow the inmate to talk to their loved one, it also helps monitor calls for criminal activities. This helps keep numerous people safer inside and outside of the facilities.


Securus provides several other solutions for emergency response, incident management, and public information. Technologies created by Securus are valuable assets in public safety. But, they are not just protecting world outside the prisons. Their technologies also help prevent inmate-on-inmate violence


Securus has opened its doors to the public by inviting them to check out their Technology Center in Dallas. Visitors will be able to see a presentation on the technology and services that help prevent crime.


In a recent press release, Securus Technologies published numerous customer comments that discussed the utilization of their technologies. These comments include both e-mails and mailed letters that they have received from faculty at the prisons, jails, police stations and other government offices that use the services.


These communications came from officials who use the technologies daily to help protect and serve their communities. The comments discuss incidences where the technology helped aid in keeping the public safe. The detailed accounts each provide a unique look at the value of the services and technologies that Securus provides.


But, Securus is not stopping here. Securus CEO Richard A. Smith, recently stated, “Once a week on average, we develop a new product or service that helps law enforcement and corrections officials to solve and prevent crimes,”. So be expecting more great innovations to come from Securus in the near future.


Migrant Workers Who Seek Promise in the Country Deserve Human Rights

Many migrant workers seek seasonal work only during warmer months and return to their home of origin during colder seasons. However, many of them remain in the U.S. under the H2A federal program. It is estimated that 100,000 workers each year are provided an approved foreign certificate under the program.

There has been a greater need to protect those migrant workers with increased rights and protections that the government has failed to provide.

In fact, the government’s actions through the Trump Administration are seeking to limit those rights and protections as well as decreasing the opportunities for migrants to remain in the country altogether. Migrant rights organizations consider those changes to be unwarranted and over-reaching.

Migrant Clinicians Network (MCN) is an organization that has sought to protect workers and provide assurance of safety and human rights. It is a global nonprofit agency with more than 10,000 members.

Established in 1984, MCN delves deep into research in order to obtain the most useful resources for migrant workers and their families.

MCN operates programs that provide clinical care and participates in making sure migrants are receiving the essential health needs to stay safe while working in some of the most extreme conditions. Fatalities among migrant workers are higher than MCN believes is acceptable, and the organization is dedicated to reducing the numbers substantially.

The statistics are slowly declining; with 22.8 percent per 100,000 migrant worker, but MCN has taken a position that the percentage is unacceptable. The average for all other workers within agriculture, and in similar fields, is only 3.4 percent per 100,000 workers.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund based in Arizona offers resources to migrant workers in order to maintain practical information that can become lifesaving.

The foundation is right alongside a border that sees many workers who flee from an impoverished country to make a living and then return. Many workers who attempt unauthorized entry from the US-Mexico border are harmed, killed or sometimes missing.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin founded the foundation with the goal of providing migrant resources to educate and inform those who need it the most.

The debate over the immigration laws has increased their actions for the foundation and widened their efforts to reach out to the migrant community in order to spread knowledge and vital resources.

Through dedicated efforts, MCN and the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund are helping to assure the safety and human rights of migrant workers.

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Betsy DeVos Uses Her Foundation for Good

Every child needs a mentor who will help them rise above their current circumstances and reach their potential so that they can change the landscape of this world. Many people choose the wrong mentor in this life, and thus, they are unable to affect the correct change that this world desperately needs. It is all too common for our young girls to choose pop stars and actresses as their role models. Unfortunately, these so-called “role models” promote the vices of sexual promiscuity, indulgence, wickedness, gossiping, backstabbing, and vengeance. With such horrible role models, who can our young women turn to in order to realize what the life of a good productive citizen should be? I recommend that young girls look to Betsy DeVos, our current Secretary of Education here in the United States of America.


Betsy DeVos teaches us why it is important to start well in this life. Now I will admit, a strong foundation is not a necessity to achieve great things in this life. The vast amount of people who have overcome the struggles of the ghetto prove that we can become something even if we start in a weak area. However, it must be acknowledged that the stronger the foundation, the greater the chance to reach our potential. Betsy DeVos created a strong foundation when she attended the Holland Christian High School as well as Calvin College in Rapid Springs, Michigan. These two places empowered her to become the promoter of education that she is today.


Betsy DeVos also shows us why it is important to be out there advocating for our values. DeVos did this by joining the Republican party. This, of course, is a family tradition for her. However, unlike her family, she got active on the political playing field. Most of her political career was in the state of Michigan functioning as the committeewoman and the chairwoman of the Republican Party. She would fill these roles for nine years, and after stepping down, she’d be reelected as committeewoman because she’s served in that capacity so well. In fact, her accomplishments were so great that President George W Bush asked her to serve as finance chairperson for the Republican Senatorial Committee. DeVos crowning achievement, of course, was her nomination to the Secretary of Education by President Donald J Trump.


Betsy DeVos can also teach our young girls what it means to be generous in an age where greed is running rampant. Betsy teamed up with her husband’s Dick DeVos to start the Betsy and Dick DeVos Family Foundation. This Foundation strengthens our country by focusing on the key virtues of civilized society. The DeVos Foundation encourages others in education, justice, community, arts, and self-improvement.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.


Michael Lacey’s Succesful Career in Mathematics

Michael Lacey is a United States-based mathematician. Michael Lacey has more than three decades of professional experience dealing with this solution.

Michael Lacey is also regarded for his best mathematics solutions that have gone a long way in improving the way we live in the modern arena. Many companies have also adopted some of his mathematical formulae to improve efficiency and assimilation of the products they produce today. Michael Lacey was born in 1959 in the United States.

After working hard in high school, Michael Lacey secured a place in the university. Michael Lacey is also a proud graduate with a Ph.D. degree in Mathematics from the Illinois University.

Michael Lacey graduated from the University of Illinois in 1987. During that time, he acquired his degree with the best intentions as a mathematician. Michael Lacey also portrayed a great degree of talent and gift when it comes to dealing with mathematics problems.

Michael Lacey graduated under the direction of Walter Philip who mentored him to become the man he is today. Walter has always encouraged Michael Lacey to secure the best chance to achieve satisfied educational forums in mathematics. This is why Michael Lacey became a professor in mathematics when he graduated from the University of Illinois.

While in college, Michael Lacey undertook this project in the area of probability. This was one of the most celebrated projects because it gave rise to a new law in mathematics by. The law of the iterated algorithm solved by Michael Lacey has gone a long way in developing the latest car models we are enjoying today.

This law also helps car manufacturing companies to maximize their fuel efficiency with the highest power possible. Michael Lacey also used the characteristic empirical functions to get the math done in his project. In the recent past, Michael Lacey’s work touched on ergodic theory, [probability, and the harmonic analysis.

When Michael Lacey graduated from university, he went on to hold positions in the University of North Carolina and the Lousiana State University. While holding these positions, Michael Lacey worked with Walter Philip to continue with the central limit theory in mathematics.

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