Securus Receives Accreditation from Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies is one of the few companies in the world that assimilate better business reviews by working towards solving the problems their clients face in the inmate industry. Because of their highest levels of commitment in the inmate industry, the company has made itself a good name as one of the best technology companies in and out of the United States. Few companies continue to uphold better business reviews in a manner that depicts their better business values in the inmate industry. Perhaps this is the reason why we must achieve the best in the industry to accredit ourselves with better values in the inmate industry.


Securus Technologies is a company that is committed to the highest level of excellence and integrity for being part of the solution to those facing their accreditation solutions. When you agree to solve the problems you face, Securus Technologies will always do the remaining part of actualizing the technology needs for your inmate facility. Securus Technologies is one of the companies with the highest levels of justice technology solutions for a brighter future in the inmate industry. The company is also committed to developing a platform that solves the problems the company faces in the industry through technology.


Securus Technologies has also announced that they have received accreditation from the Dallas-based Better Business Bureau for solving the problems the clients face in the industry. Perhaps this is the reason why they are solving their intended business capabilities for a brighter future in the inmate industry. For those who are willing to assimilate better business, using the Securus Technologies’s technology solutions will guarantee you the best results in the industry. The company received this accreditation because they satisfied the set exam by the Better Business Bureau to qualify for the highest level of accreditation in the inmate industry.


A Look into Dr. Scott M. Rocklage Entrepreneur Journey

Dr. Scott M. Rocklage, a Ph. D. holder is serving at 5AM Venture Management LLC as the Managing Partner a position he has held since 2004. He joined this venture way back in 2003 as a venture partner. He has served in other places holding various positions. For instance, at Cubist Pharmaceuticals, he was a Chief executive officer and Chairman, while at Nycomed Salutar, he was the president and also served as the Chief executive officer.

He well experienced in matters relating to management in healthcare. He Pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of California in Berkely. He went on to research in Richard R. Schrock’s Lab and got a Doctorate in Chemistry from MIT.

More than 30 patents in United States bear his name as the inventor or co-inventor. On top of that, he has peer-reviewed over 100 publications. He is also approved by the Food and Drug Administration of several drugs. Boston, MA office is where he is based.

He says his life science-based venture capital firm (5AM Ventures) derives its name from being an early stage of developing, just like the time 5 AM marks the beginning of a day. He brings his ideas to life by working with entrepreneurs to help them in bringing ideas into potentials medicines to offer solutions to unmet medical problems.

Organization regarding managing time, schedules and prioritization is a thing Dr. Rocklage attributes to his success in entrepreneurship. He urges entrepreneurs not to be afraid of taking measured risks. To grow your business, he calls people in the entrepreneur world to stay true to what their businesses do well and also be close to their strengths. This he says works well especially through the difficult times when it may seem to be easy to attempt a thing that best matches the times. Learn more:

Dr. Rocklage recommends the community to read a book titled “Good to Great,” a book he terms as a practical guide in comprehending business and performance. Based on Dr. Rocklage journey in the entrepreneur world, one learns that measured risk-taking is the way to success in this field.