JHSF And Jose Auriemo Neto Brings The Luxury Lifestyle to Brazil

The luxury lifestyle we all aspire to live has made its way to Brazil in the form of the brands created for the impressive JHSF brand that has been developed with an eye on covering every aspect of the lifestyle from hotels, to airports, and retail. JHSF has become well-known across the planet for bringing together some of the world’s leading luxury brands to bring about a positive change in the way the people of the world view the opulent nature of their travel and shopping experiences.

Although JHSF is known as being one of the world’s leading luxury brand administration and management companies since the company was established in 1972 in Brazil; the majority of the work being completed by JHSF has been located in the Brazilian market, but the success achieved over the last four decades has seen the administrative business grow to become an international option for many luxury brand leaders. Among the areas, the JHSF brand has expanded into are parts of Uruguay and a recent push to become an important part of the international business environment of New York.

One of the most important aspects of the work of the JHSF brand has been the development of the luxury real estate market that has become focused on both the commercial and residential markets under the leadership of Chairperson and CEO Jose Auriemo Neto. The leader of JHSF has become a well-known figure among the executives within luxury brands as he has been credited with a number of innovations in the sector, such as the introduction of Jimmy Choo shoes to Brazil in 2009. To know more about him click here.

The entire retail sector of JHSF is the brainchild of Jose Auriemo Neto after his work in 2009 brought together a management deal that allowed many of the world’s leading luxury retailers to the nation f Brazil for the first time; among the retailers targeted by Jose Auriemo Neto were Pucci, Jimmy Choo, and Hermes.

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Securus Technologies – Offering Advanced Technologies Never Thought of Possible Earlier On

Many companies are trying to make their mark in the correctional sphere, but one of the companies that have been leading this sector single-handedly through its innovation and a broad range of products and services is Securus Technologies. The company has helped develop some of the ground breaking products and services that weren’t available earlier in the correctional world. Securus Technologies has assisted in the development of the penitentiary sector tremendously in the last few years by offering products and services that have changed the lives of the incarcerated people and their lives. Services like video visitation were a dream a few years back, but today it is a reality thanks to the innovation offered by Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies has helped in ways more than one to ensure that the families of the incarcerated people can meet with their loved ones with ease through the use of technology. With the help of video visitation, the online or virtual meeting is very much possible as the interaction is live and audio-visual. Video chat through the video visitation application is facilitated through the smart application offered by Securus for Android and Apple devices. All that the people have to do is to register and make an account in it, provide relevant details, and charge with the sufficient credit balance.


Securus Technologies has made sure that people who are working for the law enforcement agencies and putting their lives at risk for the safety of the common people are also benefitted from the advanced technology. Securus Technologies helps in ways more than one to ensure that the law enforcement officers are equipped with the latest investigative technologies. It helps them stay informed and stay alerted about the criminal activities happening in the community. Securus Technologies makes it easier for the law enforcement agencies to build safer communities.


Beauty and Creativity With Doe Deere

One thing that Doe Deere understands and is willing to show people is that real beauty is not merely possessed but expressed. After all, people love to feel that they have achieved something. For some people, one of the worst compliments that can be given them is on something that they have no control over. Often times, people are complimented on what their genes gave them. As a result, they don’t feel that it was warranted. This is especially the case with women. However, make up can help them bring out this sense of accomplishment that they want to feel. This is especially the case with Doe Deere’s Lime Crime make up.


One of the best things about Lime Crime make up is that there is a wide variety of colors for each piece of make up. People don’t have to be limited to the traditional and conventional colors in make up. People can explore their artistic side with Lime Crime products. They can experiment and play around with different looks until they find a look that they are satisfied with. This will result in them being better able to handle compliments. For one thing, they feel a little more in control.


One of the best things about Lime Crime is that the variety allows people to control their looks in more ways than before. As a result, they can truly accomplish something that makes them unique. After all, it is common for people to want to feel unique and like they stand out. This is something that is achieved as opposed to something given to them. Doe Deere wants people to have this type of feeling as well. This is one of the reasons that she has brought forth as many different varieties of products as possible.


In order to market these products, Doe Deere shows off all of these products and encourages people to experiment with the make up she offers so that they can enhance and bring out a unique type of beauty. When people are able to truly express themselves, they will feel actualized and valuable.


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Omar Boraie Changing Real Estate in New Brunswick

As a visionary in the industry for about 40 years, Omar Boraie has come to recognize and appreciate the potential that is in New Brunswick. Recently, Omar Boraie has invested in the heart of The Aspire and notes that the city shall be a host of a high rise building that is unbelievably deluxe. According to Central Jersey Working Moms, Omar Boraie is most excited about this project and how it is closing in on completion as it been a long term dream for him. Also, he is also the head at Boraie Development LLC and notes that this dream has had very many skeptics throughout. Omar Boraie initial intention and motivation was to build New Brunswick as he had seen it before as a scholar back in Europe. He notes that the streets were so unsafe that no one dared walk down the streets past 4 p.m. and this gave birth to his dream of creating a better environment for residents. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms for more info.

Outside his office window on the eighth floor, Omar Boraie currently has a breath-taking view. In past years, the area only had approximately 21 buildings on one block of which all were degraded. He started his venture by buying the crumbling buildings and then kick off his journey to realize his dream despite most of the people thinking he had lost his mind, but in reality, he saw into the future just like a real visionary does. Built in the 1980’s and 1990’s was the first building which was named Tower One which would host the office spaces. In 2003, the second building came up right next to Tower One, and as expected, it was named Tower Two. Despite these two buildings being a great start, he noticed that high-quality residential spaces were also in great demand. He went on to build a building for condominiums and turned out to be the city’s tallest building standing at 25 stories high. The building holds 142 residential units, a garage for residents to park their vehicles, a large space for offices, retail shops, dog walking area and also a barbecue area.

The company founded by Sam Boraie, Boraie Development LLC is a developer of real estate situated in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The company chiefly focuses on the amazing urban development and the President of the company, Omar Boraie, is proud that over the years his vision of New Brunswick is about to be realized. Boraie Development LLC provides many services that are related to the urban real estate world. They offer Property Management, Sales & Marketing and also Real Estate Development. The company is motivated to bring to the table unmatched services. They work with contractors, Financial Institutions, and architects with a vision.

Rick Libby And Traveling Vineyard Offer A Unique Approach To Wine

Rick Libby is the President of Traveling Vineyard and with his business knowledge and accomplished career, he’s helping turn the company into an innovative way for customers to experience award winning wine. They have an interesting business model which is focused on in-home wine tastings. Their wines are of a very high quality and they’ve received awards and recognition. They also offer an opportunity for individuals to build their own business along with Traveling Vineyard.

With three decades of business leadership under his belt, Rick Libby is poised to take Traveling Vineyard to greater heights of success. Some of his previous stops included Student Advantage, Marriott, MoveCentral and Cendant Corporation. He utilizes the skills learned from these endeavors to guide Traveling Vineyard.

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Libby has been associated with Traveling Vineyard since the early 2000’s and has owned the company since 2010. He realized in-home demonstrations could be used with wine after speaking with a friend. The concept has taken off and it is a low-key way for those interested in wine to learn about it.

Innovation is the order of the day at Traveling Vineyard as people are encouraged to think creatively and bring new ideas to the floor. Every year, the company introduces new technology or concepts after evaluating their systems. Libby fully understands the value of taking a calculated risk and devotes ample time to strategic thinking.

The Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides are the foundation of their business strategy and they obviate the need for expensive advertising. Wine Guides earn generous commissions with their sales and when they recruit new marketers. They host in-home wine tastings to introduce customers to Traveling Vineyard’s award winning wines. Word of mouth can quickly lead to more tastings and opportunities. Wine Guides are free to work as much or as little as they desire.

Traveling Vineyard ships all orders so Guides don’t have to maintain an inventory. They purchase a starter kit with all the necessary supplies to begin their business. Extensive training and mentoring are available and Guides can progress at their own pace. The business model offers great flexibility and the opportunity to earn a substantial amount.