Baltimore and Mr. Todd Lubar

According to Mr. Todd Lubar, Baltimore can also be described as a Charm City, more so to young professionals. However, the city is losing its population with the younger demographics continues to shoot. Furthermore, the rate of economic growth will affect how the trend of demography will continue to play.

Currently, Baltimore is experiencing high number of young professionals. In that case, there is high demand for apartments. Many cases have been witnessed where real estate developers are refurbishing the older buildings for residential use. Baltimore is also concerned with the sector of transport. It is expanding public transportation. The idea is to make the city friendlier to people who want to work and live in the residential apartments along downtown.

The business community is also thriving in the city, and there are several initiatives to improve the business environment. It has been filtered down to a level, in which fresh companies can perform quite well. For that reason, Baltimore has gained a reputation as the city that is very supportive of new talents and business opportunities.

About Mr. Todd Lubar

Currently, Mr. Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Global Ventures. He is a businessman and entrepreneur who has more than 20 years of experience in the business of real estate. It is the obligation of Mr. Todd to help his clients achieve their dreams of becoming homeowners. Apart from the real estate industry, Mr. Todd Lubar has worked in several sectors such as construction industry, mortgage banking, and entertainment industry. Mr. Todd is passionate about the growth of his community and its surrounding.

Mr. Todd Lubar attended Syracuse University, from where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication. As a graduate, Lubar started his career with the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He left the company in 1999 and joined Legacy Financial. In 2005, Mr. Lubar left Legacy Financial and joined Charter Funding in Arizona as the Senior Vice President. At the Charter Funding, Mr. Todd Lubar primary focus was mortgage banking. This made him became one of the top mortgage originators in the world. Check out to learn more about Todd.

Securus Continues Growth in Industry

The telecommunication and security industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. This is particularly true for the sector that provides services to the law enforcement and correctional facility industry. One of the leading service providers in this part of the industry today is Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based firm that has been in operations for over 10 years. The company currently provides services to over 1,000 facilities across the country, which ultimately house over 1 million inmates. This has helped to make Securus Technologies one of the two largest firms in the country.


One of the top products that Securus Technologies provides today is a video visitation service. The video visitation platform uses video chat technology that can be accessed by an inmate through a designated device or portal in the facility. The recipient of the call can then use a mobile device of their choice. By allowing for a video chat service, it has helped to reduce the need for visitation and the facility. This has then helped to make the property safer and more efficient.


While the service provided by Securus has helped to make the property safer and more efficient, it has also helped to solve and prevent crimes. Along with the service, the company provides customer with the option of monitoring the calls. All calls are required to be recorded, unless they are with the attorney of the inmate. Securus Technologies then provides a service in which they can monitor the calls. If there is any suspicious information that is noted during the call, the company will send the information on to the facility or the local authorities. On several occasions, this has provided valuable evidence to either help solve and existing crime or prevent one from occurring in the future.


Eva Moskowitz Gets $250,000 Reward for Success Academy

Eva Moskowitz is the founder and CEO at Success Academy Charter Schools. The Charter school has attained a high-status $250,000 grant which was a Far-reaching Award for Public Charter Schools. The award was given at the National Charter School Conference in Washington, D.C and will announce plans to be used in the creation of a new institute.

The cash will go to fund College-readiness program for the Success students. However, the reward is just a small percentage for the deep-pocketed Success Academy. Mayor de Blasio was against the institution since it does not go in hand with the New York syllabus system. However, in a court ruling, Moskowitz was able to block the mayor on this matter.

Due to the high expense, it benefits from getting support from the wealthy people who are in the hedge fund in 2013; it reported 42 million in revenue and $60 million in 2014. However, she said that the Broad Foundation award is an essential recognition of work that the charter chain is doing with the kids that are underserved. Moskowitz said that the prize recognizes that learners who are in neighborhoods that are poor can do as well as those from the suburbs.

About Eva Moskowitz

Eve Moskowitz has become popular for creating the best performing charter school Network in New York City. She is focused on challenging the conventional wisdom that children who are coming from a low-income or minority neighborhoods cannot be able to do well in school or achieve the highest academic levels. From 2006 when Eva Moskowitz opened the first Success Academy in Harlem, she has been viewed as a leader in the education reform. She offers parents an alternative other than having their children failing school. This has helped children from the inner city achieve their academic potential. Success Academy now operates in 41 schools and has been a source of employment hiring hinders teachers as well as other professionals.

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David Giertz, the Dublin Financial Expert

Talking about financial experts, David Giertz is one of them. He has an experience of more than 30 years in growing financial services industry. In this industry, Mr. David has leveraged strategies, processes and innovations that are geared towards profitable growth.

At Nationwide Financial Services

David puts all his energy into task and responsibilities are given to him. This can be attributed to the success he has had in the industry. Recently, he was appointed by Nationwide Financial services, which is a sales and distribution organization on During David’s tenure, the company posted excellent results that saw the company grow in sufficient revenues from $11 billion to $17 billion. This exceeded the P&L targets. He also managed the commercial strategy and distribution of Private Sector retirement plans, life assurance mutual funds and specialty Markets through banks, independent Brokers, regional firms, warehouses, IMOS &RIAs.

By 2004, David Giertz was only leading the Financial Institutional Bank channels and expanded his channel to include the warehouse distribution channel in 2009. During this period, the revenues grew from $1.5 billion to $5 billion. He joined nationwide in 1999 as a regional Vice president based in Miami. As regional vice president, he was able to realize a 48% growth in revenues in the Southeast territory at The region was comprised of 7 states and Puerto Rico.

Beginning at Citigroup

David Giertz began his career as a financial services advisor at Citigroup and then progressed to an area director in the same company. He would later be promoted to the executive vice president of sales. The holder of BS a from Milliken University and MBA from the University of Miami is a real mogul in the finance sector.

David’s Certifications and Recognitions

David Giertz is a certified Business Mentor with WABC (World Association of Business Coaches) and achieved a world class Gallup associate management score on The score increased from 4.41 to 4.63. He also encouraged more people to engage in the culture of coaching by certifying more than 100 leaders as business coaches. Giertz is also registered as a broker with FINRA; he has a license to work with large brokerage firms. Therefore he can practice securities transaction on behalf of his clients.

Whitney Wolfe And Her Buzzin’ Hive

Whitney Wolfe has changed the dating world by introducing both the popular apps of Tinder and Bumble. Adding on to her female-led dating app, Bumble, Whitney Wolfe created Bumble BFF. “What is the major difference between Bumble and Bumble BFF?” you may be asking yourself.

Simply, Bumble was created for creating matches in hopes of turning into dates, while Bumble BFF was created solely for friendships to be made. However, Whitney Wolfe’s latest creation wasn’t made for either Bumble group specifically; in fact, her new pop-up hangout location is made for everyone, regardless of their activity on Bumble or Bumble BFF.

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Whitney Wolfe’s latest (and quite buzzed about) creation isn’t exactly an app this time. As mentioned, Whitney Wolfe created a physical location, which will be located in Soho, New York. This pop-up location will be known as the Hive, and it’s name will be quite hard to forget, as the whole entire venue is themed to look like the inside of a beehive. Literally, the inside decor resembles honeycomb texture and bright golden hues within. A beautiful interior for sure, however, the Hive has an even better cause. Besides the fact of the Hive being a new hangout spot for local New York residents (and of course tourists, too), it’s actually being created with hopes of teaching those who enter it. Classes will be offered on style (thanks to Drybar), as well as entrepreneurship. The topic of dating and relationships will also be brought to attention, as it seems like the perfect place for classes to reach its dedicated audience. With a fun place to chill and a great place to learn, Wolfe created the perfect destination for growth and communication. With future plans for building on Bumble’s brand, Whitney Wolfe is bringing strong attention to female empowerment.

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Richard Blair Of Wealth Solutions Helps Retiring Clients

Richard Blair started Wealth Solutions to help all his clients retire well, and he knows how easy it is to help someone reach their financial goals. The goals that have been created by Richard and his clients are seen through by his firm, and he offers his clients the hope that they may retire well. Someone who wishes to retire in the future must contact Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions today, and they will learn how easy it is to manage their finances.Learn more :


#1: Retirement Plans


Richard knows how to build retirement plans for his company, and he will builds new plans every time someone comes into his office. He knows how to manage a large portfolio for each client, and he shows them how to make the most money on each new investment. He shows clients what he would do, and they may make decisions based on the information he has offered.


#2: The Client Input


Clients may give input when they speak to Richard, and they will learn that there is a way to make their dreams come true. They are searching for the simplest way to save money, and they will avoid bad mistakes that are often made when the retiring client is not receiving any help. There are many other people who have a vision for their plans, and they will ask Richard to adjust those plans accordingly.


#3: The Accounts May Be Cashed Out Any Time


The accounts may be cashed out at any time, and a client who asks Richard about withdrawing money from their account will learn quickly how to derive an income from this account. Richard shows his clients what plans they may use to pull cash from their accounts, and he often sets up special withdrawal programs that will help his clients make wise decisions. They will have their money come in at the right times, and they will save money as a result.Learn more :


Richard Blair has done quite a lot of work in the savings and retirement field where he is serving clients properly. He is bringing them a new way to save money, and he wants them to know that there is a new way to retire with the cash they have saved. Money may be pulled out at any time, and it may be transferred to any location the customers like. Richard ensures each new retirement plan is managed properly.Learn more: